Bras are good for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery

A store in the city of Kano, Baba, specializes in women’s corset style bra that undergo breast cancer surgery. Linda Romps opens bras fit because her mother suffers from breast cancer.
“I’m 13 years ago to open the shop, a kind of chance, but we are still here,” Linda said, “this is like snowballing, the next thing you know I have an address, found that health insurance, I rented a place, then I am afraid because I realize that I have to quit my job.”
Linda is a LPN and mastectomy certified fitter. She’s the only one on the peninsula, from her ace Kano, Houghton, and Marquardt, to meet customers and show them their different choices, different activities,corset style bra.

corset style bra
She said: “if you want a breast surgery with a sports bra, we have it; a casual bra, if you only want to sleep in your bra, you want to wear a breast form, we are the same; underwear, the same thing, we have.”
Bras are a wide range of sizes from 28aa to 56n. Most insurance covers all bras and forms, from the client’s doctor’s prescription, which is one of the main points Linda wants to convey.
“After eight years of breast cancer surgery, they’re still saying, ‘no one told me I could buy my bra and my chart. “When they are filling out their prescription medications, they need to fill their bra and form prescriptions, and,” Linda reiterated.
In 1998, a law was passed that stipulates that if insurance companies pay the cost of mastectomy, they also have to pay for the costs of re – symmetry, whether they be surgery, corset style bra, or forms. The payment or deduction that must be paid by the sole customer.

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