There’s nothing to match your drink with your Womens Sexy Dresses

Womens Sexy Dresses

When Lela Rose gave it to the party, she did not leave a detailed opportunity. In the evening and orchestrated fashion show in front of her shop last night at the Tribeca loft style, guests sampling Malpeque oysters, grilled quail egg and elderflower cocktail, narrowly avoiding package, the designer who frisked at the foot of stems.

They took a frivolous model on the table for double track photos. At the first time in the fashion week of New York, the model of the ponytail shows the lively elements of pearl, Ms. Roth’s new diffusion line.

The color of her coralline lace and Womens Sexy Dresses adorned the Swiss cocktail napkin. “It’s nothing to lose,” said Ms. rose. “It’s just a ironic word:” there’s nothing to match your drink with your Womens Sexy Dresses.

At the scene, the targeted art director reflects the casual aristocracy, which is Ms. Rose’s stock in trade, proof and her strange brand perfectionism.

“Lela is ruthless,” said Celerie Kemble, an old friend of painters and Ms. rose. ” She doesn’t want to do Womens Sexy Dresses as she thinks to create an atmosphere. ” When Ms. Luo Si, Ms. Kemble said, her first fictional movie scroll: “she is not only made of Womens Sexy Dresses, but she wants to know what she will wear, what she will eat, what is the perfect cocktail of balancing emotions.”

Her crazy way. Ms. Rose Party, after the main program is more like a traditional living room Tupperware party, in fact, but sell Womens Sexy Dresses, no pot evoked like the last century the mid 60s palm beach. Where, according to legend, Lily Pulitzer started selling her dazzling pattern of pink and lime transfer to an intimate circle of friends, and from a fruit stall.

“Lela is a modern lily,” said Robert Burke’s colleague Robert Burke, a luxury consulting company in New York. The metaphor is appropriate. “Lili is highly socialized,” Mr. Burke said. ” She was in Palm Beach Sunday lunch invitation coveted.

Her design was festive, easy and frank, not as beautiful as Ms. rose.

Pearls, from $155 to $650, are two parts of crisp practicality, part of the bubble. A rich, can coral hued as a pair of Womens Sexy Dresses jacket; square tweed jacket can be worn in tubular sheath.

On the side of more open coquettish tied Switzerland skirt, a Lily Pulitzer their trip in the Tangerine at a side shift throb.

The comfort and flirtation of the Womens Sexy Dresses is part of the painting. ” Lela has such a woman and a funny feeling, “said Jenna Bush, a reporter on the” today “program, George W. Bush’s twin daughter.

So is Ms. Rose’s lineage. Her mother is Deedie Rose, an art collector in Texas and a lady in Dallas. Her father is Edward Rose, a Dallas investment banker, one of the owners of the Texas Rangers baseball team and Mr. Bush. Mrs. and Mrs. Bush are old friends, and Ms. rose wants you to know. Because, as she has to admit first, in the competitive fashion world, you are as good as the person you are wearing.

She imagined her customers as a real estate broker, or primary philanthropist, or chairman of her local p.t.a. she may be living in the six city, any one including San Francisco, Dallas, Sherlock, the city is N.C. by the designer himself as Ms. Luo cuts to Lela the master in his own party home, a far-reaching impact on the local customers and friends network.

“I like to create a salon,” said Ms. rose. ” I want people in every city to feel a connection and a community. ”

Pearl will not be sold in stores or on the Internet, and it decides to avoid the strategic position of traditional retail industry.

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