Joel Edgerton’s controversy over Jennifer Lawrence’s clothes

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Joel Edgerton has dragged Jennifer Lawrence around the controversy of the news events installed in their new

film, the red sparrow.

From the photo of the incident, they were pasted “secretly pressed” social media because they showed that

Laurence’s films in her lightweight clothes were all rugged and frozen in London.

So does Edgerton make a play?

“I don’t know Jen stands up to check the weather. Maybe that’s the problem, “the Australian actor is

expressionless to

“Maybe she needs another person to help her check the weather. And you didn’t see the bikini I was going to wear,

“he joked.

“But if you ask me why I don’t give Jen my coat, I’m afraid that the designer (Versace) will hate my courage to

cover up this beautiful Womens Sexy Dresses.”

I jokingly told Jen that a man wearing a coat seems to be a part of the story. The fact that Jen is wearing

clothes is another part of the story. In London, the fact that the cold weather has become another part. All

these factors have caused the debate.

But the problem is, for women, there is a kind of expectation (it looks fascinating). You see, I believe many

people have reason to criticize it, if Jen is wearing a pair of Levi’s sports pants and tweed.”

But there will be a happy middle track pants and a cut Womens Sexy Dresses?

“I really don’t know the answer. “I think she’s very beautiful,” he shrugged. I think part of the problem is that

women should not Womens Sexy Dresses properly, if it is related to the widespread abuse of the topic label # I and human. In

some circles of the world, there are many women who are humiliated by the victims. ”
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The tone of Edgerton became serious.

“I don’t know why so many people don’t knock a drum, it really affects my documentary, and it should be reissued,

called” hunting ground “. The 2015 film explored the crime of rape on American university campuses.

“One of the most amazing things is that after hearing these young girls’ terrible experiences, they will go to

the University help center,” I was mistreated, or “I was raped”, “I am a date rape,” or “I was raped by drugs.”

They went, “OK, what are you wearing? Did you drink? Do you know those guys? All of this. They are not the reason

for forgiveness at all.

He said, “therefore, if an actress has some problems, it shows that she can’t be a spokesperson for women’s

strength, but it looks pretty, too. That’s also a problem.” In his further defence of Laurence, he added: “I

think everyone has the right to show off what they have got.” If I was 15 years younger, I would wear a pair of

shorts on that day. ”

After that, Laurence returned “angry” and said she had to wear not only the clothes she wanted, but also the


“There’s a kind of fearless her,” said Egderton, his partner.

“She was attracted by the controversy and was very confident, so when someone told her what she did not like, she

would tell you she didn’t like it.

One day, a reporter asked her, how could she speak bluntly about what had happened in Hollywood?

Edgerton laughs. ” She tore him to pieces. I think they are actually cleaning the blood on the ceiling. If Jen

wants or see anything, she’ll ask you to go out, but I’ve never accepted it.

Laurence wrote a famous 2015 article. Why did I earn less than a male colleague? This has become a catalyst for

women to talk about the pay gap inside and outside Hollywood.

Edgerton joked, “well, I’m angry, Jen has paid 50 times more than me!”

“I am now clamoring for our second echelon actor. It’s like, if you want to be equal, hey, coughing! ”

There is also a lot of discussion about Laurence’s nudity on the red sparrow.

“There’s a lot of pornography, but it’s not like silver or instinct,” Edgerton said. Their sexual horror film,

this is not. This is to show her depravity and revenge for her. So I’m glad that they have a way of not

stimulating treatment.

“It’s very uncomfortable. I know what Womens Sexy Dresses feels like.”

He leaned forward. Even in my underwear at the scene of the torch, I don’t feel very well in those days. Thank

God, Schoenaerts let me keep my underwear! “

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