The royal wedding dress is the top secret

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London — where there is a wedding Womens Sexy Dresses shop, it will become the clothing this year — a fashionable bride, but it is suitable for such a luxurious church. It is the cemetery of the monarch.

London Fashion Week and everyone else in other places longed to know.

Only three months ago, before the wedding of Prince Harry and Khan Megan Markel, at Windsor Castle in May 19th, whether the world of fashionable brides was filled with the discussion of who bride would choose to design her clothes, what kind of expectation would she have?

It’s no wonder whether there’s a bigger royal wedding because of Harry’s brother Prince William and Kate Middleton in the 2011 world broadcasts. Seven years later, Kate’s Laixi, long sleeved Alexander makun Womens Sexy Dresseses still affect the bride’s design.

This will be the greatest fashion Committee of the year of 2018. “There are thousands of eyeballs,” said Jade Beer, editor of the British bride’s magazine. This is her main fashion moment. ”

“She must need from her wearing her first wedding Womens Sexy Dresses upgrade,” beer added, referring to the simple strapless white Womens Sexy Dresses is an American actress in her 2011 Jamaica beach wedding filmmaker Trevor Engelson. The couple divorced in 2013.

Although the design and designer’s clothes are a strict secret, many are positive, Markle will choose British designers.

Kate was not the only bride in the British royal family who insisted on a British designer. Zara Philip, the second great grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, is Womens Sexy Dressesed in the Royal designer Stewart Parvin. At 1981, Lady Diana Spencer — the mother of the late bridegroom Harry — picked many people in David and Elizabeth Emanuel (just out of the University’s designer), which surprised many people.

Choose the former Markle including the UK Canada Erdem Moralioglu, known for his elegant, feminine style; Ralph & Russo, fashion designer Ma Kerr chose her engagement Womens Sexy Dresses; inheritance fashion workshop Burberry; and Mcqueen and Giles Deacon, who designed the wedding Womens Sexy Dresses Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton.

Vitoria Beckham denies that she has been asked to have a rumor. Roland Mouret, a French designer, is also considered a possible choice.

“I mean, she can surprise us. A Canadian brand chooses her to be so loyal to them when she filmed there,” Miles Socha said. The editor in chief of the women’s wear daily refers to Kerr’s “the right time” to play the drama in Toronto. “But we may bet on the British designer.”

Some people want Markle to choose something that is not too traditional, because she has more room for rotation. After all, Harry is the fifth heir of the throne – she will be sixth after Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to her third children in April. In addition, their wedding site, the St Georges Church in Windsor Castle, is more spectacular than the St.Paul’s Cathedral in London or Westminster Abbey.
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“I really want her to be different. Her style is very clean, very modern, and the bride, in the past few years, has traditionally said, “London’s Wedding Designer Naomi Neoh.” I think – I hope – it’s going to be clean, simple, beautiful details.

Neoh hopes Markle will choose a Womens Sexy Dresses to celebrate her personality.

“Meghan is very different from the British tradition. She has a career, and half of it is black, “she said. She will not be the queen. Of course, it must be respectful and appropriate, but it can be a more exciting cut and line. I think maybe the high neck, the back, is not enough. ”

In spite of this, it is a suit that needs to meet the surrounding environment. Only the proportion of the royal family in the Church of St Georges is close. It has 800 guests and occupies an important position in British history, the resting place of the king and the queen, including the Queen’s parents.

“She will walk through the dead monarch in the aisle,” Beer said. This is a great sense of chance. ”

Markel has expressed the conservative style of the British Royal wardrobe with a breakthrough, trench – stuffed Womens Sexy Dresses pants. Many people admired the pants she wore in the latest official campaign to match her Harry clothes.

The actress provided some clues for her dream wedding Womens Sexy Dresseses.

In March 2016, before she met Harry, she told Glamour magazine that she liked “classic and simple” style, “modern distortion”, and she preferred “weird or delicate romantic wedding Womens Sexy Dresses”.

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