Nha Phuong bride used wedding dress corset to o round big waist

Appearing next to him Truong Giang, Nha Phuong really shine like a queen. White tones are the shades that the celebrity couple chooses to be the main color for the costume, and the whole wedding.

Truong Giang and Nha Phuoc embrace in gorgeous white dress.

The splendid wedding dress of Nha Phuong, making millions of women jealous of too extravagant, splendid.

Chung Phong Phong shared: “The entire upper part of the wedding dress uses lace imported from France. In addition to high-grade lace, Phong has hand-made lace and symmetrical embroidery, resulting in delicate layout. , creating a separate fabric material is attached and hand embroidery meticulously.

So that half of the dress on the wedding dress has the lines of luxury, unique fancy. Phong also set up a complete color corset with Nha Phuong does not use any jewelry on the person. skin color Nha Phuong. With corset frame carefully measured will help the bride to thoroughly round 1 and tighten the ants waist ten thousand lovers.

The mesh is also used material imported from Korea with beautiful bồng. In order to create the sprouting skirt, but still the lightest possible for the bride, I have processed by jarring layers of layers.

In particular, the fashion house has used more than 30 layers of fabric, nearly 300 meters of mesh fabric to create a luxurious influx, elegant for the dress of Nha Phuong.

Nha Phuong used the corset to tighten the waist to make round 2 become slim, while creating a full round, attractive.

The skirt is made up of 30 layers of chiffon and other material.

The corset of the body of the skirt is sewn very clever, if you look not sure enough to see.

The design of multi-layered puffing bồng bồng, making Nha Phuong look like a beautiful princess next to Chang Jiang. Only the skirt part consumes up to 200 meters of chiffon fabric, the tail up to 2 meters long.

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