Gender expression “masterpiece” is one of the most powerful practices in the history of “You think you can dance”

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One of the most exciting and influential moments in the 15 seasons of “You want to dance”, the top six finalists, Darius Hickman, accepted the topic of gender expression on Monday’s plot. In contemporary practice, Judge Twitch said “beyond the competition” and described it as “literally a piece of art. In short, this is a masterpiece.”

“We saw some amazing routines on this show and amazing dancers, but this happens in all of our memories,” said show host Cat Deeley. Through tears, Judge Mary Murphy said: “It will always be engraved in my heart and in the memory.”

The controversial conceptual figure of Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice’s “It takes a lot of people to know”, will be Hickman and season 14 player Taylor Sieve Pairing, let the two dancers depict the civil war between the conflicting women. The masculine side of a homosexual (poisonous). Hickman started his daily work in a rolling skirt and a corset, staring provocatively at the camera lens in his heavy makeup. Then he fought against the angry and aggressive Sieve, who wore a T-shirt and jeans to wear a character and forced Hickman to squirm and wear similar clothes. But in the end, Hickman strode away and reapplied his pink lipstick, reaffirming his unique identity and self-acceptance.

This routine was carefully choreographed by Travis Wall, the second runner-up of the open gay SYTYCD season, and his inspiration was inspired by his own painful upcoming experience. “This piece made me go home because I was bullied when I tried to get out of the closet,” Wall said. “People can be very annoying, and society makes us a specific way.”

Hickman said: “I am involved in this work on many levels – being bullied and called a name.” “When you are not ‘normal’ in other people’s eyes, the normal things that society says to you. You have to give up these things, you have to feel comfortable with your skin.” He later told Dilly, “I never thought I had to open this way. I am very happy.”

“I am very proud of Travis’s production of this routine,” said Chief Judge Nigel Lesgo. “I am very proud, Darius, you, because I believe that you and Travis are very concerned about this routine in your life. … If you think how brave it is to be your own person now Unbelievable, and you should be brave to do this is evil. And I can only say that it is very important to judge a person not because he is, but who he is.”

Lythgoe even claimed that Hickman was his favorite season 15 dancer, which made it so shocking in later episodes that Hickman and the top six players Jay Jay Dixonbey were sent home – based on last week’s public vote. If the audience has the opportunity to vote for this wonderful work, Hickman may become the final episode of the season. But Judge Vanessa Hudgens was “legally shocked” in the show. He assured Hickman that he was still a real winner and told him, “No matter what happens in this show, I think you have a long career.”

Speaking of a long-term career (and winning), perhaps Emmy winner Wal-Mart for five years – has been choreographed for SYTYCD since 2007, won the Best Dance Emmy Award in 2015, and this year again because of his “change It’s all” and re-appears and “strange fruit” convention – will get another best choreographed Emmy in 2019, because of the bold and adventurous “it needs a lot of people to know a person.”

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