Telluride: Emma Stone reveals her performance breakthrough point

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Five years ago, Emma Stone was asked if she would use a two-week break in the filming of “Amazing Spider-Man 2” to play a role in Birdman. She accepted it, but she was worried.

“I think (to do this) is very bad, but I’m nervous about what it might be,” she told the audience at the Telluride Film Festival on Saturday, before showing her new movie, Yorgos Lanthimos’The Favorite. soon. “My nerves have been proven because it is very hard, technical and challenging, and I think I am crazy.”

One night, she said, “My character doesn’t smoke, but they gave me these herbal cigarettes. I have reached a breakthrough point. I went to the locker room for lunch at midnight. The chain smoked these fake herbal cigarettes except for sore throat. Nothing is given to you outside. Then we went out to do the scene, I was very angry with myself – Alejandro [Inarritu] just looked at me, ‘That’s it!’ I like, ‘Okay!’

She said she can use her resentment of anger, “I changed something for me, not afraid of letting my own part break through, the way I was afraid before. I am 24 years old. I am 29 years old and still learning. From that [movie], I found happiness and challenge in this new way. What I want to do now is to reach this breakthrough because the other side of it is so incredible.”

Stone, one of the festival’s silver medal awards ceremony, said her role in the “collection” has its own challenges – perhaps not the point of any such breakthrough, but the only American actor in the British actor, And deal with the tight-fitting corset.

“This is 1705, almost 300 years from any time I have ever done. It is quite daunting on several levels – it must be British rather than sticking out like a thumb; and [b] Breathing!” She said with a smile. “After about a month, my organs changed, I realized that my entire body shape has changed – and it has not gotten better. But it has all returned. This is the greatness of the human body!”

The film tells the fictional story of Olivia Colman and her favorite courtier Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz), whose relationship was interrupted by an ambitious newcomer in court, Abigail · Masham is the servant of Stone and the new darling of the Queen. Stone said that most of the movies are illuminated with natural light, including a night view illuminated by a “candle tray.”

During the filming process, Stone kept a low profile, just like her. She added that she avoided using social media at all costs. Even after winning the Oscar, she said: “I am basically a group of nerves outside my body. The interview is crazy for me, because any of your opinions can be replied – this scares me away. It’s not for me at two in the morning. But I respect those who don’t have this kind of self-doubt.”

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