Emma Stone changed her body in the ‘Gross’ way of wearing a corset

If you’re staring at a costume for Halloween this year, keep an eye out for advice from Emma Stone’s latest film: Skip the historically accurate bodice, no matter how accurate it is.

Stone appeared on the Graham Norton Show to promote her new movie “Like”, who played the Queen’s Court in England in the 18th century. Entering the role obviously requires Stone to wear a corset during the shoot, which has some unintended consequences. According to the actor, the corset moves her internal organs inside her body – which is very unpleasant.

“After about a month, my organs moved because of the necessity,” Stone said in an interview. She said that her clothes pushed her organs away from the ribs and changed her body shape. “This is only temporary, but it is very serious.” You can hear her describe the transition in a fragment in the interview below.

Modeling her body into 18th century standards is a tragic experience for Stone. “This is accurate in history, but I can’t fucking!” She said her costume. She began to use a mechanism to make the corset feel a bit wearable: she would sneer, calm down, and think of “open space” when wearing it.

Stone joked that the effect of wearing a corset day after day made her the first “corset role” – shooting. “It gives a new meaning to ‘my heart is in my throat,'” she laughs. This also makes her grateful for the changes in women’s fashion since the 18th century – specifically, the unrealistic standard of shaping the female body.

She said: “Women have existed for such a long time, and they have indeed given you a lot of sympathy. During that time, what did you experience?”

Fortunately, Stone said, her organs have “returned” to their usual position because they packed the movie and took off her corset. Even if a coping strategy is adopted, Stone does not recommend wearing a corset.

“If you don’t have to, don’t do it,” she said. Point out.

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