The Best Wireless Push-Up Bras

It may seem too good to be true, but — yes, yes! — push-up bras without underwire are a very real thing. The best wireless push-up bras can provide support, lift, and even create incredible cleavage (should you want that) just like their more constricting counterparts.

These comfortable bras lack the underwire that can often feel restricting and even painful, and instead feature padding, support bands, and specially designed straps to do all the heavy lifting. Since there’s no legitimate reason why you should ever sacrifice comfort or your health for the sake of boob support, it may be time to go bra shopping — and to open up the possibilities of a wireless bra existence.

Some of these wireless push-up bras subtly lift and shape your chest, while others promise to add a cup size or two, if that is what you are looking for. But all of these bras have two things in common: rave reviews from satisfied customers and a magic, wireless lift that is revolutionizing the way we think of push-up bras.

If you’re ready to kick your underwire to the curb — or just want to diversify your bra collection — here are eight of the best wireless push-up bras you’ll love to wear.

Recently I showered (a desert dweller must) and put on my robe sans underwear. And you know what? It felt wonderful … unencumbered by elastic, cotton, silk or lace. And I thought to myself, and now I’m sharing my thoughts with you, that undergarments are definitely overrated.

Think of the history — well, I don’t know much about cone bras or longline bras in the decades before my birth, but I know what my process with skivvies was. White cotton underpants began my lifelong connection to underthings. In time, a white cotton “training” bra followed.

Those of us who were unlucky in the endowment department whispered among ourselves and came up with ideas to enhance what God had given us until God stepped up to give us more. Our “puffer-upper” of choice was tissue paper – or toilet paper worked, too. We would walk into the classroom each day and nod to our fellow flat-chested compadres, keeping our lips sealed.

What we didn’t know was that there was already an expression out there, somewhere: “What God has forgotten, make up with cotton.” We thought we were so creative — today we’d have read all about falsies on Google.

In seventh grade, for my confirmation, I was forced to wear a garter belt and nylons. Truth be told, it did make me feel pretty grown up — even though it was darn uncomfortable to sit on those garters which latched the nylons to the buckle to keep them from falling in a puddle at our ankles. I was thrilled when, in late high school, I discovered nylons that had elastic at the top and you didn’t have to wear a garter belt.

Panty hose were an abomination foisted upon us, followed closely by “control-top” panty hose. Fun fact: they hatched from a giant plastic egg. I won’t even mention Spanx.

Underpants morphed into shades of pink, blue and yellow, but the styles were the same. Only the material was improved to make them more breathable, or washable and dryable.

According to rave Amazon reviews, this bra does what so many fail to do: create cleavage — and they’re even posting the pictures to prove it. Promising to add up to two cup sizes, this push-up bra features a corset-like front for a customizable lift, side boning for support, and seamless cups for a smooth finish under clothing.

This T-shirt push-up bra is wire free and heavy on padding, which looks natural but adds up to two cup sizes. It comes in nude or black, is sized to fit petite frames, and will last you a long time, according to one reviewer.

For times when you want lift and shape without padding, this molded bra is perfect: it has a demi-cup and is seamless with elastic-free sides and back so that you can’t detect it under clothing. You’ll get two strap styles with your purchase: classic and cross bands.

When comfort is your priority, this wire-free contour bra comes to the rescue. The durable material (it’s made from 22 percent lycra elastane) and warp knit give it the ultimate all-way stretch, while light padding and seamless, wireless cups provide lift without adding a cup size.

My knickers must fit, must be comfortable, must last through many washings, must not bind at the waist or legs, must not be too bright in color lest they show through my plain cotton slacks, and they must, at all costs, not cost too much.

I remember that burning your bra was popular in the ’70s — now I’m almost in my 70s, and I’ve decided to advocate for that cause again. Come on, ladies – RAH, RAH, SIS BOOM BAH – BURN YOUR BRAS!! I know it didn’t rhyme … sue me!

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