Olivia Culpo shows off the bra with a transparent top after confirming the breakup with long-term BF Danny Amendola


The 26-year-old Olivia Culpo is a new single and has survived! Danny Amendola, 33, showed her bra on a dinner on November 24th at Ivy in West Hollywood with her 34-year-old friend Cara Santana. The transparent top shows her bra. Olivia struck her attention with black leather pants and red high heels at the top, and she smiled happily as she walked into the restaurant. Carla is an actor and producer. He takes Instagram to showcase some colourful flowers and adds the title, “Dating Night. @oliviaculpo”.

Olivia has recently looked better than ever, and although she recently broke up with Danny earlier this month, she seems to be enjoying her busy life. She dated Miami Dolphin football players from February 2016 to earlier this year, but after a three-month split, they reunited in June. Olivia left Danny with the sports journalist Bianca Peters on the beach on October 27, confirming the second split. Later, she even slammed her predecessor by showing off her plan to give him a birthday and claiming to be a birthday.

Since their second breakup, Olivia has made several appearances in public, including the Sports Illustrated Charity event held in Florida last week. Like what she did on a recent outing, Olivia looks flawless as she walks on the beach of the sexy Versace jumpsuit, takes part in the event, and changes to another dazzling white miniskirt .

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