I think the black Womens Sexy Dresses protest is too simple, but then I saw it and changed my mind.

Womens Sexy DressesWhen I saw the blight of the Golden Globe Award, the first thing I thought of was that these women looked like an army. The second is recollection. The memory of the news story from the end of last year, about people trying to sew clothes from Zara’s small notes. “I do what you want to buy,” wrote the Turkey factory workers, in their work for them after the company went bankrupt, “but I didn’t get paid”, this is a SOS, a flash of the night, a not to be ignored, because it accidentally caught everyone. In one place, it cannot be cancelled. A despicable protest.

Moreover, despite the high profile of actors who participated in this sexual harassment awareness movement, one of the factors is black clothing last week, but it is also very sneaky. When it was announced that a red carpet plan when reactions are mixed. Rose McGowan wrote on twitter, “I despise your hypocrisy. Maybe you should wear the Marquis of [Weinstein’s wife’s label], Washington Post Fashion Critic Robin Givhan said, “it’s too easy to wear black clothes. It did not begin to convey betrayal and loss. “It conceals any belief in the way forward,” I agree – it feels like an empty gesture of a loser. The blacks feel sad, not excited; the dress code feels like fashion, not activism. Why should I take part in it? Why don’t you stay in bed with dirty hair and Instagram to upload your boycott? And then it happened, I saw it, and changed my mind.

Womens Sexy Dresses

The black Womens Sexy Dresses is not the theme of the night, but the background of one hundred small changes. It has nothing to do with fashion, and at last it’s about fighting. Eight actors appeared, a positive sex and racial justice as their one, not their husbands. Oprah accepted the lifetime achievement award to call an end to her speech. “For too long, women dare not hear or believe that if they dare to say their truth to their power. But their time has come. Their time has come. “She’s over,” she fantasized about a world that no one would say “I am” again. The best director award, Natallie Portman said, “this is all male candidates. “The spectators of the black robe hold their breath.

What happened. In November, the contestants of the Peru beauty pageant approached the microphone and gave their important statistics. “My name is Camila Canicoba. I’m on behalf of the Lima department. My measurements are: killing 2202 cases of women in our country in the last nine years, “one said. “My name is Karen Cueto, I represent Lima, and my size is: 82 femicides and 156 femicides this year to date,” said “second. There are 23 players. “Greetings, on behalf of Armen della marroqu, CA n, and my measurements are: more than 25% of the girls and teenagers abused in school.” This is because if they want to reconnect an old tool gun that Hoover makes use of women to object, they force the audience to face violence. Of course, men can look at their nipples, but they can’t ignore the thousands of other women killed at home, fair exchange, isn’t it?

The 2017 was a protest that came out often in the costume, the slogan T – shirt, the cat’s hat, and the glamour of Troy’s horse politics. Those who have never considered the parade of women have met the information of solidarity and feminism in the most unlikely places. Continue now — 2018 every year will be in a wide range of mainstream events, from the awarding ceremony to the royal wedding, the race and privileges of the discussion website, and the women there secretly make elegant protest into a soft space.

At first I thought that through fashion protests was weak. But I soon realized the truth of these black robes, and how to use a thread to pull the whole facade away.

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