Top 8 stage costumes

Daft Punk helmet
Since 2001, the two wore gorgeous helmets and gloves, playing robot roles in most public places, rarely interviewed or appeared on television. The impressive helmet production costs are said to be $65000.
Michael Jackson’s red jacket
The jacket was designed by Deborah Nadoolman Landis and directed by John Landis’s wife. Landis also designed the Indiana Jones jacket in Indiana Jones and many other. Theorange jacket with corset style bra  is the “M” sign of many zippers, pointing out that the work with the horns, shoulders, and stiff shoulders is prominent on the arm. Landis said the clothes she designed helped Jackson become more masculine”. The jacket became the hottest fashion in the middle of the 1980s, and was widely copied. It even imitates stars such as Chris Brown and Kanye West today. In June 27, 2011, the jacket was sold for $1 million 800 thousand at the Julian auction. The buyer, Milton Verret, describes the history of “the greatest rock and roll souvenir.””.
David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust
According to Bowie himself, heworeaneyepatch was interviewed for the first time just because of a conjunctivitis and he had an interview shortly before. He looks good, and he decides to go with other people to space pirates.
A slash of hats, glasses, and cigarettes
The 2007 slash told the Huffington post that he bought his signature top hat at 1985, when he went to buy an unforgettable accessory to Losangeles. When the aspiring guitar is broken, the line between “shopping” and “walk” is very vague. Ironically, he had to rely on the police to retrieve the stolen cover when the diagonal hat was stolen and a Grammy award was held several years ago.
The Beatles marching suit
The Beatles, the famous Sgt Pepper clothing company, designed Mr. Berman, just as iconic Fab four what to wear.

 corset style bra

Bra Cone Madonna
Madonna came up with a stylish moment in her pink tapered corset style bra tights in Chiba, japan. From Lady Gaga to wacky Al, stage costumes, materials, girls, unveiled in April 13, 1990, continued to reverberate through popular culture.
Kiss makeup
Jean Simmons told about how make-up began in an interview: “at the same time, we’re in New York, and there’s a very big flash scene. Boys basically make up like girls.”. You know, all the skinny little guys, hairless boys. Well, we’re more of a football player. We’re all over 6 feet tall, but not convincing! When the band got together for the first time, the first picture we took seemed like a drag queen. But we know we want to be weird. We’re not a grateful band, and on the stage, it looks worse than the one he sent us. That doesn’t negate what the dead and other bands are doing. It’s not us. Standing on the stage is almost a sacred place for us, just like a church, so it doesn’t look like a tramp on the stage. This is where make-up and make-up are made.
Elvis Jumpsuit
There are a couple of years, has spread to the story of how a jumpsuit. First of all, Elvis commissioned Bill Belew to put his pants on the stage after the infamous “Elvis Jumpsuit””. Another story is that Elvis only need to allow a lot of movement, need to be different, of course, in true Elvis style, gorgeous, therefore approved the Jumpsuit to see.

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