Iggy Azalea shows off her crazy image of sports bras and leggings on the latest Instagram Snap


Iggy Azalea has an amazing body and she is not afraid to use it to promote beauty products. The Australian rapper shared two photos of her own black sports bra and tights on her Instagram page to promote a meal replacement shake.

In the side-by-side selfie, I saw the 28-year-old rapper posing in front of a mirror that looks like a kitchen, because she is holding a cell phone. The “Kream” singer paired her sportswear with a black and white Von Dutch hat, and she wore a relaxed ponytail tied to her hair. In the picture on the left, the azalea looks more intuitively at her body, showing her abdomen and the overall tone of the abdomen. In the second part of the collage, she offers a side view showing her little waist and her loot.

In the title, azalea boasted the effect of Flat Tummy Co., emphasizing that the meal replacement product helped her get a better definition in the abdominal muscles without losing her back end.

This post was shared with her 12.7 million Instagram fans, who received more than 143,000 comments and more than 1,000 comments in just 3 minutes after sharing. Fans praised her body and physique in her comments section and asked for new music. .

“You look beautiful,” one Instagram user wrote, while another added, “New album? We need!!!! Please!!! Rap Queen!!”

Another celebrity who recently used the popular social media platform to promote meal replacement shakes is Khloe Kardashian. In an article she shared last week, Kardashian shared her own collage in a sports bra and tights because she had a bottle of vibrating shot in front of the mirror.

As reported in the Digital Music News, Rhododendron recently signed a new $2.7 million deal with the Empire after leaving her brand, UMG’s Island Records. Given that Australian hip-hop artists are eager to withdraw from the contract, her withdrawal is not surprising, the report continues.

“I officially signed up!!!! Wild you spent so long trying to get a record deal… Never thought I would be so happy to go beyond one. Now I can freely release any music I like, no matter what. I like it when I wow!” She wrote on social media two weeks ago, as quoted in the Digital Music News.

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