Mary J. Blige shows her curves in a corset print dress when she first appeared at the fashion show in New York Fashion Week

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Hollywood reporters detailed Mary J. Blige and designer Dennis Basso on the runway for the first time at New York Fashion Week. She wore a stunning white dress and praised her curves with white fur accessories. This dress is also very good. The top is printed with a bodice for a visual impact. There are black stripes on both sides, and the bottom is tumbled for a large amount of movement.

The show was Basso revealing his 2019 spring collection, and Mary J. Blige took the opportunity to comment on this.

The photo shows the designer walking on the runway with the singer as he wears a black suit with a tie with small polka dots.

Mary J. is also decorated with some beautiful gold jewelry, including oversized rings, bracelets and thick earrings. Her hair was applied to her hair with pink lipstick.

The singer has recently been involved in some false gossip, accusing her of having a quarrel with Faith Evans at a party hosted by Diddy at Hamptons. However, she quickly killed the rumors.

“Of course, this is to make up. I shot a movie in Louisiana… I just came here today… I don’t know how this rumor started… Puffy didn’t even have a party.”

Even before Blige made a statement about the rumors, there was no evidence to prove this struggle. It has been speculated that due to the real struggle between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, some people promoted the development of this drama.

According to the “USA Today” report, the incident between Minaj and Cardi B was not so good, the latter found her head impact.

Blige’s appearance in the Basso show makes sense. If you think about the theme of this series, it is “powerful women.” Basso also praised Blige and said: “Working with her is a magical journey, I am very happy with her. Agree to do this show. “.

The designer also revealed that one of his inspirations came from Gianni Agnelli, who said that he is also “inspired by powerful, important women, this feeling is modern and international… you will see in the details In the hand embroidery, all are made in the United States.”

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