Minnetonka entrepreneurs create big breasted women’s bra accessories

Judi Samson entrepreneurs with Minnetonka, hand tools, she is using every day for eight years of subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) patented products. She reached about 8 months short and have been sold out three times in the United States Minnetonka department store products.

The bridge is a corset style bra product, the accessory clip is online or the polyester is on the side, and the attaches cup will be together with the breasts, and they have not been treated and forwarded. The effect is more support and perkiness enhanced cracking and simplification, “and” sagging, side cloth. ”

In the criminal defense lawyer Samson, a busy mother, wife and three children – she may not reduce the operation of breast cancer, so as to “go out and put it under the knife.” On the contrary, she has a traitor.

He said that her breasts, like the biggest breast woman, naturally made her surpass her lows, in fact more widely than her. But she realized that if she pulled her in her bra, narrower. This is the study that she keeps losing weight, and begins to sew her bra cups with her.

When we thought about the cam for 8 years, she asked her husband, a patent lawyer, that he had innovating her ideas into our products. He did not really search and determine the market for the bridge current in this type of bra.

“I can’t believe it does not exist. You will think! “Exclaimed Samson.

He and her husband have to do their work. They follow Hopki, even with friends and business partners who are now running business from their homes and weighing online orders for processing and mailing.

Last weekend, he and her family spent eight hours online filling more than 100 orders for 27.

“This is lovely because they are all sitting on the table and helping the folding box. A label that will be printed. So, this is the real family business at this point. They know more about brassiere than most boys, “he said.

She took off at her business floored, and it was a success.

“The basis of organic growth is that the company actually needs to feel a lot of women in the operating system,” he said. “This is our thing, the women we need.”

From firsthand’s experience, he knows that simple tools can reduce self – awareness that big chest women can feel. She wears corset style bra every day of her performance.

“This is a permanent connection. I will never let them take their online and offline, “he said.

But what is the most rewarding * she is positive feedback, and she often receives a grateful woman to buy a product of her.

“I am a fully functional person who is the owner of the feeling in their empowered, the size of the breast,” Samson said.

Your bra’s bridge is cost in three yuan and 19.95 package. It can be on the Internet and in the purchased brabridge department store (Minnetonka, Wolf in the square and the fine rate in eyeology Light Gift shop.

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