A sports bra for 40 years: Happy Anniversary clothing, help countless women to maintain health

Jogbra, the oldest corset style bra, turned 40 this year. 1977, CO creators of Hinda, Miller, and jogbra, have just started working at University of Vermont. She recently started running and found she had a problem: what to do with her breasts? She used two bras to support her breasts.

corset style bra
On campus, Lisa Lindahl, an artist, faces the same problem. She stuck out a place where Miller, a friend of the University’s theatrical costume, worked. The corset style bra, created with the three of them, helps women move physically.
They tried many changes before the occasional solution itself. The husband with two crotch hanging in the chest. He was making fun of them, but it raised an idea. “This is what we want to do and we want to keep everything close to the body,” Miller recalls, “she said in an article in NPR.
Miller went to the store two jockstrap. The waist band becomes ribbed, and they cross shoulder straps at the back. They wanted to make it jockbra, but found that jogbra sounded better. The design became popular and became a brand.

corset style bra
In the 1999 World Cup, bras are at the sun’s moment. United States women’s national team Brandi Chastain scored the winning penalty game. She pulled her shirt filled with a thousand regrets, celebrating, revealing a corset style bra. The image of that moment appeared on the covers of many magazines and newspapers.

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