Mariah Carey, 49, presents her famous assets on a bodice while having dinner with friends in West Hollywood.

As her latest music video will prove again – she has never been afraid to show off her sensational curves.

Maria Kelly was no different on Monday night, and Mariah Carey showed her wafer shape while dining with friends in West Hollywood.

The 49-year-old female singer’s crumbling black corset top caused everyone’s attention to her famous assets.

On the night of Le Meridien, the opera actress and her girlfriend had dinner and enjoyed a two-hour dinner. Her boyfriend Bryan Tanaka is nowhere to be seen.

Just last week, Maria released a new musical “GTFO” in which she placed a mysterious, unnamed lover in the explosion.

Although she did not reveal any names, it is speculated that the singer is taking a fierce attack on her former fiance, Australian billionaire James Packer, a relationship that broke out in a legal fireworks explosion two years ago. .

The acronym for Get The F * ck Out, the first single in the opera since the messy breakup.

Although it sounds very quiet, her lyrics are not prisoners.

“You take my love for granted / you make me lost, no longer fantasizing / overthrowing my heart, as if you have a plan,” Kelly sings, then re-sings ‘how’ round your f * ck?

Critics say this sounds much harder than the romantic ballads whose names soared in the 1990s.

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