Jenna Coleman studies maternity and brings Queen Victoria to life

I am now on the corset at the airport,” Jenna Coleman said with a smile. She called from Victoria’s phone and explained the intermittent buzz of our conversation.

But we are not discussing Victoria now (we will certainly do this – later). We are discussing Coleman’s latest TV series “Cry”, which literally speaks far beyond her depiction of the cursed monarch. Coleman is located in a coastal town in Australia, playing Joe, a woman’s mental state and relationship unraveling when her baby disappears.

“This relationship with the mother and the relationship with the child is very important,” she talked about the roles and research. “Obviously I am not a mother, so it is an interesting thing to be closely related. Fortunately, I have many friends who have just given birth, so they are very helpful. Some of them also sent me. Some real, inner details tell the daily reality of being a mother.”

“Some things you didn’t really think of so much,” she continued. “Even the logistics of leaving the house and the questions about your identity. This is an eye-opening process.”

Complex emotional exploration is not the only challenge Coleman finds in his role. Her first psychological thriller, the plot is intricate, the plot twists and turns, keeping the truth beyond the mastery of the audience. “This is about things you won’t give up,” she said. “You often put your card on your chest.”

Although the scene is painful, the atmosphere during the shooting is far from this. “It became very enjoyable, dizzy and happier because it was so emotionally a roller coaster. We just wanted to get rid of it, so it actually turned into an extreme opposite between the two.”

Coleman’s career trajectory brought her into some wonderful TV series – from Waterloo Road to Mystery Doctor, perhaps most notably, as the Queen Victoria described above in her growing drama – when she boarded The throne was married to Prince Albert. Which part of the job does she think is the most valuable?

“When you are given life, it is such a gift,” she thought. “Things like Victoria can grow up with this character. To be a few series, she is old now, we have seven children!”

However, there are countless opportunities to appear on yourself every day, and often have the opportunity to turn her hand to something new that appeals to actresses. “We are doing the stadium next week, so I am learning polka now, one of them is a large wig from Georgia,” Coleman said with a smile. “I think this is change. There is not much time to be bored. This is an amazing thing.”

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