Alessandra Ambrosio is wearing a black sports bra while hiking with her boyfriend Nicolo Oddi.

The first rumor about their relationship was reported in August.

Alexandra Ambrosio and Nikola Audi look very much like a happy couple as they hike in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 37-year-old supermodel flaunted her incredible figure while wearing a black sports bra.

Ambrosio may have participated in 17 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows, but it seems that the former angel has changed because her sports bra was made by the women’s sportswear brand Koral.

She pulled the black leggings to her knees and tied a lilac sweatshirt to her waist.

The beautiful Brazilian tried to cover his face and put on a pair of dark sunglasses and a black baseball cap.

She is wearing shiny black tennis shoes and is perfect for outdoor activities.

Nicolo stays casual, wearing a white T-shirt and navy sweatpants.

He covered his eyes with dark sunglasses and wore bright blue running shoes.

The relationship between Ambrosio and Nicolo was first reported in August, five months after the announcement of her ten years of cooperation with fashion tycoon Jamie Mazur.

The mother of two children, Ambrosio, shared her six daughters and her 6-year-old son, Noah, with her ex-girl Anja. She announced her retirement from Victoria in 2017 to spend more time with her children.

After the first split report in March this year, these front lines were divided.

A source told the US Weekly: “They have been trying to keep their divisions low… but Alexandra has been out and ready to mix and not bring Jamie to any local.”

Her new flame, Nicolo, is the founder and CEO of Alanui, a knitwear fashion brand in Milan, founded in 2016 with his sister Carlotta.

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