From Marilyn Monroe to Victoria’s Secret, look back at the fascinating history of the corset style bra

From structured whalebone corsets in the 1500s to the invention of cup sizes and underwire in the 1930s, we look back at the history of the bra and how its design has evolved over time.

The corset belt is a sexy trend that seems to be everywhere we turn, but what outfit should you wear it with? Since it can be a bit tricky to style, we consulted celeb stylist Brad Goreski who offered up his tips for mastering the trend in an effortless way.

From casual oversized tees worn as dresses to sexy little slips and even clining midis, the celeb set loves to accentuate their waists with corset belts! The belt is yet another lingerie-like element that became a major street style trend, and we can thank the stylish, fashion-forward celeb set for offering up inspiration behind the look. Kim Kardashian was the first celeb to debut the style as her little sister, Kylie Jenner, was quick to follow suit — and the trend is everywhere we turn, with everyone from Gigi Hadid to Ashley Graham embracing the sexy style.

Want to embrace the trend but not sure how you can pull it off? Well, you’re in luck! Celeb stylist Brad Goreski teamed up with Marshalls to break down the hottest summer trends and we got the chance to pick his brain on the latest fashion craze — and what you should wear it with.

Without ever having been introduced, I’d been told to be outside Her Majesty’s bedroom at precisely one minute to nine in the morning, ready to perform the most intimate of services.

By reputation, I’m the UK’s leading boobologist, you see. Or to put it more formally, in July 1982, I became the official corsetiere to the Queen.
That meant using the Palace’s tradesman’s entrance, from which you walk for ten to 15 minutes through a vast and shabby basement.

You go past the kitchens and workrooms, through the floristry area and finally, after what seems like miles of corridors, into the lift that goes to the Queen’s private apartments.

I’d imagined her visitors’ room would be full of gilt frames and gorgeous furniture. Instead there was a jumble of mismatched bits and pieces.

It looked like an old-fashioned dentist’s waiting room. At 9am precisely, Miss Margaret McDonald — the Queen’s dresser and former nanny — ushered me into the royal bedroom.

This is the final episode in our video series that takes a nostalgic look back at everyday items in your wardrobe, revealing their sometimes-unlikely origins and examining how they have gone in and out of fashion throughout the years.

Previous episodes have shared the history of the wedding dress, the high heel, the ever- changing style of the handbag and the back-story of the power suit.

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