GiseleBündchenDons Black Bra & Transparent Shirt on Instagram


Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bündchen, is on tour and is promoting her new book, “Course: The Road to Meaningful Life.” She shared some Instagram stories that showed her stay in Porto Alegre, the southern port of Brazil.

Gisele was stunned in a revealing outfit, including a black bra, a black transparent shirt and some khaki shorts. The shirt itself has a low collar and long, fluffy sleeves. When she met some loyal fans, she wore a pair of black high heels. It seems that some people even brought her gifts because others look very excited to take photos with models.

It is not surprising to see Brazilian fans so love and love Giselle, because this is her motherland. According to the Boston Herald, it is reported that people appear in squadrons in the appearance of São Paulo and shout “Giselle, I love you!”.

So far, this book is a bestseller and has delved into some of her personal secrets. In this book, Giselle even talked about her previous anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and hoped that she did not undergo plastic surgery. The model also discusses her relationship with Tom Brady, which is very interested in football fans.

Of course, this model caused a sensation on the VS’s runway until she worked for the brand in 2006. Bündchen was wearing Fantasy Bra in 2005, which is the honor of any VS model.

At the same time, this year’s VS model has been happily promoting the 2018 fashion show, which was recently recorded and will be aired on December 2. No wonder, considering that the show is one of the biggest fashion shows of the year. This year, Elsa Hosk wore Fantasy Bra, and she rushed to seize the opportunity on Instagram.

In other news, Giselle also shared some wisdom with her fans because she was photographed by the waterfall next to meditation.

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