I am more concerned about Bra’s price go? They were “reduced” to……..

Throughout the year, this is not the same, because this year finally opened in front of our house! Hot topic 2017 Shanghai’s big show but contracted last week, each wearing a colorful underwear models to attract enough eyeballs with long legs. Of course, there is one of the most concerned topics, that is, one year a Fantasy Bra! Want to know its past and present? “Harper’s BAZAAR” series 150th anniversary # you do not know the 150 Secret Fashion ##Vol.118, today to tell you about the return to Fantasy corset style bra!
No matter which one year’s, is the collision of passion and hot body sexy lingerie, full screen handsome face with guards legs, can not make people want to pay attention to.

corset style bra
And the angels who can wear their wings show her strength, because not every look has wings. Of the 87 sets of look this year, only 37 have wings, and angels are divided into wings, just like soldiers get medals.
And the highlight of each year is the only Fantasy Bra of the year! Every year, only to wear the most red models! If you compare wings to a medal, then wearing Fantasy Bra is equivalent to winning the highest honor.
This year’s fantasy jewelry underwear called “Champagne Night Fantasy Bra”, by the 27 year old supermodel Brazil Lais Ribeiro deduction. When she saw that she was wearing the Bra, she was instantly excited and tears, and she knew how surprised she was
Golden leaves collocation blue gems, gorgeous styling and chic, and Lais Ribeiro honey skin especially. Lais with Fantasy Bra doesn’t need a spotlight, so it shines.
Although Lais Ribeiro is 90, but she already has a 10 year old son, from the body and skin completely can not see the fact that she is a mother. The most rare is after years of baptism, her body still exudes a sense of natural girl, it is no wonder that this year’s will choose her!
The price of corset style bra from 18 carat gold underwear as a framework, which was covered with blue, topaz, Blue Topaz and more than 6000 diamonds, total cost of labor 350 hours to complete this masterpiece. The price is $2 million, while Bra’s price in the history of the price is low, but the absolute value for money.
Fantasy Bra launched for 11 consecutive years, every year will be one of the people most concerned about the issue, has successfully expanded throughout the show’s influence with the topic, but you know Fantasy Bra is how come?
In the audience cheers and rising media reporters praised the report, Weimicai began to find out that they did so in history move, and decided to stick to it.

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