Corset style bra shopping is in sight: a new way of supporting women by Harper and Wilde.

corset style bra

Ask a couple of women to buy corset style bra. You may find that the whole process is frustrating, inconvenient, and sometimes even absurd. After realizing that almost all other women talk about the same setback in the bra shopping, business school students Jane Fisher and Jenna Kerner have an idea that they can’t get rid of it: making the whole process more convenient, comfortable and affordable. They built Harper Wilde, making bran shopping easy, with simple choices, fair price and family trial.

Retail, get the real team to sit down and talk with Fisher and Kerner about how Harper Wilde gives women power and revolutionary underwear sales way.

Fisher and Kleiner met in business school learning directly to consumers, enterprises. After listening to the way companies like Warby Parker and Casper disrupted consumers’ purchase of basic commodities, they found that models could be used in bra. “Bra is the most basic thing for women,” Fisher said. “We have no reason to pay so much money, or to buy our daily bras to spend the trouble we experience every day.”

After investigating hundreds of women, they found that there were 16 bra in each woman drawer, but they wore 90% to three pieces per week. They found that women want to be brassiere, but they are not satisfied with their choices, especially oversexualized marketing. Fisher said, “they want something more real and talk with them.”

Coene said she and Fisher saw authorized women working without corset style bra  and matching underwear. They need bras and a simpler way to buy amazing jobs that can be brought to them, and all the amazing things they’re doing.

It is not surprising that the primary goal of Harper Wilde is to make women do great things. Fisher and chner practice the slogan “raise women” to donate part of the sale to girls’ projects, as well as to ensure that they use moral manufacturers in their supply chain.

Listen to this episode and learn more about how Harper Wilde returns to an industry. Write to us and tell us what you want to hear in the upcoming program.

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