Deer Park senior graduates show some skins in the “horror show”

In the third “rock horror show” performed at the Purple Box Theatre in Friendswood from October 19th to 28th, actor Alec White will show off his slimmer body with boxers and bow ties.

“We became very embarrassed,” said Dear Park High School graduates in 2016. He lost 30 pounds last year. “Work 5 days a week, exercise 3 miles a week, and exercise 2 to 3 days a week.”

As a result, his 6-foot frame now carries about 230 pounds, compared to his previous weight of 260 pounds.

“At the end of the show, I wore corsets, women’s underwear, stockings and high heels,” White said, 21 years old.

White plays Brad, a clean, healthy guy whose car blew in the storm, forcing him to take refuge in the refuge of the crazy scientist Dr. Frank Enfurt.

“Brad is the ‘straight man’ of this comedy; so the audience responded to his reaction to the absurdity around him,” said White, a junior at the University of Houston’s media production.

“He is a good man. He is like the father of a comedy in the 1950s. He said, “Dear, I am going home!” Then he sat down to eat a frozen TV dinner and went back to work at 8 am the next morning.

The mad scientist played by Chase Harris has become a cultural icon with the midnight screening of the 1975 film “The Rocky Horror Photo Exhibition”.

White has never seen this movie until he plays in the purple box drama.

“Now I have read the script and watched the movie, and of course I understand its fascination with it and why it is so popular,” he said.

The imitation of science fiction and B-horror movies invites viewers to wear their favorite characters, dance “The Time Warp” on the show and yell “Hot Patootie!”.

“For the 1970s, it really did improve, but today it doesn’t look like a ridiculous concept,” White said. “These songs are very appealing.”

Kathy Holbrooke, the founding art director and owner of the Purple Box, said, “Everyone always asks us to do this” program.

The cast also includes: Teddy Waddell, Elle Anders, Victoria Reyes, Brandee Sibley, Matthew Hailey and Matt Rosenthal.

Other actors include: Daniel Partida, T’Mar Bunch, Mikayla Lovejoy, Rebeccah Bauerlein, Sydney Moore, Adriana Rodriquez, Lily Newsom, Mylana Valdina, Allessandro Baldan and Cassie Seba.

Deer Park High White is in the opposite of his friend Eli Martinez, in the scene of Tom Stoppard’s ridiculous comedy “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead”, in the 2016 Inter-University League 6A Singles Championship in Austin.

In all levels of the game leading to the state finals, the judges agreed that White was the best actor or All-Star actor; in the state, White was nominated for the All-Star lineup.

White also served as the co-team leader of the impromptu comedy team, who co-founded his senior year at Deer Park.

He and Deer Park’s old friends Andrew Green, Luke Holt, Marc Moland and Lucio Vasquez also formed “a small production company”, Sad Tree Films, released a short video on YouTube.

White is the production manager for Walker Cable Productions in Woodlands.

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