The bra Chinese big show’s most expensive who wear? Don’t look straight up blind!

This 5 hour carnival, full of various kinds of seductive long legs, white flowers, beautiful body and international big coffee stars and gossip, can be called the Spring Festival Gala in the fashion world!
Compared to previous years, this year’s show is on the first China, is also a big show’s history the number of China models up to a year.
This year’s Shanghai show, has identified 62 models, 14 of whom were Victoria ‘s Secret’ s Victoria Secret angel. (not all over the show’s models are called Victoria’s secret, Secret Angel refers to the signing and Victoria ‘s Secret model. In general, the Victoria’s Secret Angels have wings).
In this show, we will see T four artistes familiar figure – Xi Mengyao, Ju Xiaowen, Liu Wen, He Sui.
And, surprisingly, there are 2 new Asian Models – Xie Xin and Chen Yu
I believe for many, these two names are still strange. In particular, Xie Xin, known as the “95 dark horse supermodel” by the media, is one of the most popular new generation supermodels in recent years.

corset style bra
For this year, only 19 year old French Chinese girl Chen Yu, 17 year old boarded the Dior T high in autumn and winter, then boarded the Vogue Italy version of the cover, take the T station on the Victoria’s corset style bra secret show seems to be a logical thing.
In addition, also in the variety’s “angel road” to choose a model into the show’s title.
In addition to Asian faces, the show’s highly anticipated and from all over the world international supermodel.
Return to work after 8 months of South Africa (Candice Swanepoel), the sugar supermodes 2015 study of Taiwan’s T programming from Curve Wrecker KK (Karlie Kloss), and finally once again boarded the stage’s big show!
From the Danish born in 1993 — Josephine Skriver mixed girl, for 5 years on 3 times throughout the show’s open web site home page, basically can see her, Nirvana is invincible qiaotun.
In addition to the above several, this year’s show had a “love” are influential — in the global scope of the American Red Net by supermodel Gigi Hadid, Chinese users boycott because it relates to discrimination against chinese.

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