Britney Spears showed an impressive dance movement in tiny shorts and bras, fans responded with a wardrobe suggestion

Britney Spears has just proved that she doesn’t need designer outfits, elaborate stages, or a professional alternate dancer to perform spectacular performances. In a recent Instagram video, the “Work B ** ch” singer provided fans with behind-the-scenes footage of her dance choreography, and most of her fans reacted to this frank shot as if it were a Exquisite professional production of new music videos.

On Monday, Britney Spears shared an Instagram video that was taken while she was learning a new dance sequence. In the video, the 36-year-old pop prin is shaking a turquoise sports bra and one of her favorite wardrobe items, a small plaid pajama shorts with a belt.

She is learning some new choreographers, one of her alternate dancers, Mikey Pesante, and some of the two’s actions may seem familiar to Britney fans.

This is a classic move, including shaking your hands like they are wet, you are trying to make them dry, dip and hair flips, lots of hips rolling and rotating, lots of exaggerated arm movements, and a little bit of chest Grab. Britney and Mickey danced in Janet Jackson’s “All Nite” mix, and some of their movements were freed from Miss Jackson’s music video. According to Britney, her dance program has doubled.

“When learning new moves and creating my own routines, I am always amazed at how different your body looks and feels!” Britney explained in the Instagram video. “Doing the same thing while exercising can become very stagnant, which is why I like to dance! Working with @mikeypesante is a very interesting combination!”

sports bra

Although Britney’s video is only a few seconds and she doesn’t dance in her own songs, it definitely marvels her Instagram fans.

“It seems that Britney’s ‘Great Dancer’ is back! Yes,” one fan said.

“Wow, those are some serious moves from the British! Watching her go!” wrote another.

Some fans were impressed with Britney’s way of wearing shorts and sneakers. They even suggested that she should give up her high heels and shiny clothing for a more comfortable outfit, as she wore in the video.

“I am the only one who thinks she should wear trophy shorts and sneakers during the show? A fan wrote that she looks more comfortable when she relaxes.

“High heels slowed you down during the show. Sneak dancing like you used to,” another commented.

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