The waitress was split on her opinion when the boss ordered her to wear a bra at work because it violated her rights.

A waitress divided her opinion when her boss ordered her to wear a corset style bra at work.
It has been de Loiselle month starting on the east side of Mario’s work, but was shocked, “gender discrimination” recently she claimed to have received treatment.
The 22 year old talked about her being told her by her female boss that she needed to wear a corset style bra to hide her nipple piercing.
It is VE, Ontorio, and the United States, said: “this is the infringement of the rights of a person I dominate my underwear.
“She looked at my breast to say:” record, I can clearly see that you don’t wear a bra, you have a nipple piercing.”
The waiter, who claims to be a small breasted, claims that no bra is comfortable for her, believes that it is every woman’s choice to go to braless.

corset style bra
“Some people have bigger breasts than I do,” she said. You never impose a bra on a man, so why do you have to rely on women?
Arguing about this, after her manager, she claimed that she said, “people don’t look at women’s bodies like they look at people’s bodies.”.”
It s also claimed that the manager told her clients and colleagues have complained about her lack of a bra, CBS news.
“I’m not pulling my breasts,” she says.
“I see, if I have a transparent shirt, but my shirt is black, it goes all the way to my neck.”.”
When the manager told me it s allegedly wearing a bra is a part of the restaurant code, her head office complaints.
The restaurant told CBS news: “we have recently been aware of this situation and are investigating the matter.”.”
Many people read her stories as if they agreed with the restaurant manager.
One reader, John A, wrote, “is this against your value?” So your values are more important than those who pay for your paycheck and customers.
Edward wrote: “respect your boss’s request, which is more to the customer than the boss.”.”
Another reader wrote, “the last time I checked, the employer was entitled to the employee code of dress as a condition of employment.”. If they ask employees to wearcorset style bra, that’s not discrimination.
“This is the condition of employment.”.”

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