Sona M Kapoor looks like a beautiful dress gown straight out of the Vitoria Era

Who doesn’t like the occasional retro fashion? There’s always too much fear, but when Sona Kapoor we’re talking about – she knows how to make fashion up a grade really well.

Recently, the opening ceremony of the wedding ceremony at the Dubai International Film Festival, actor Feldi walking in a studio from Ashe for corset style bra  dress and pleated skirt that she looks very elegant.

We haven’t seen a dress designer and sister Rhea Kapoor did not lend her the touch of genius, this time is too long, it’s not a difference. Rhea gave a modern clothing through it with a sharp long coat. Look at the style of her photo here.

Though the actors pick delicate colored clothes and her make-up is not soft, we like the Celebrity Stylist Namrata Soni, giving her hazy eyes to go for a dark tone make-up.

What really caught our attention, however, was the fancy that she called her hair smooth hair to give a fluffy effect on the other side. A glimpse of her style here.

corset style bra

The actor chose a number of rings and a pair of beautiful earrings to match her appearance.
How do you think Sonam is looking at this time? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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