Bella Hadid tried to use tight jeans, all the way, her leg was $800 “Dad’s shoes”

Is Bella Hadid going to jump on a heavy dad shoe train?

From the super model of sports shoes at three on shopping earlier in Balenciaga looks, it must sew.

corset style bra

London is wearing a white corset style bra and jeans, orseund, iris, red lace, and pointed red boots. Ambassador Nike was photographed in luxury boutiques, including a super heavy neutral style.

Though we don’t know whether Hadid brought home 795 dollars of the stout retro style sneakers, there was a “Ugliness” of some Twitter users. She also found the retro shop, where she picked up Lui Weedon’s traveling briefcase.

That night, the old model – who recently in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – regarded as to a red skirt and black sparkling sequins lace Dallas TAG Heuer stores stolen goods.

Hadid shocked the bangs and fur decoration in the event at the Swiss luxury watch industry Heuer in Oxford Street white coat, in her as a guest.

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