Georgina Rodriguez poses in bra with baby Alana Martina for iHola!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez shares a gorgeous picture of herself and their daughter Alana Martina from her ihola! A photo taken by a magazine.

The former GUCCI 22 – year-old shop assistant opened her relationship with the Portuguese football player’s Spanish version of “hello”! Describe their 18 month romantic story as “very good”.

Rodriguez, who apparently caused Ronaldo’s attention in the Dolce & Gabbana event last year, looks perfect with their first daughter’s picture.

corset style bra

The natural makeup of sports appears only in corset style bra and elegant gold jewelry. The rising black hair model looks like its baby’s daughter in a leopard dress.

Translated from Spanish, she wrote: “Instagram, I am very pleased to introduce my daughter Alana Martina to you. In a very special report, you can see in this week’s” holacom magazine. ”

The fans were delirious and lovely, and one said, “so beautiful.”

The other said, “Georgina, your baby, let her kiss her.” Bless you, your doll and Cristiano.

The third year old girl added, “she’s cute and cute!”

Rodriguez didn’t waste time returning to the gym after opening her first child in November 12th, opening her family life with Ronaldo, and becoming the mother of his first three children through surrogate mother.

“Children are our happiness,” she said to the magazine. The first thing we have to do when we wake up is to embrace them, kiss them, take care of them, and know everything. It’s all day! ”

When it comes to how they come up with their daughter’s name, she says, “we chose it between the two. Cristiano chose Alana and me, Martina, and we decided not to hesitate to write all the names of the two men on him.

When she talked about her relationship with the football legend, Ronaldo, she said they were “better than ever.” “Cristiano and I have a good relationship,” she said.

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