“This is the best idea since sliced ​​bread”: “Change life” bra storage skills make women crazy

 corset style bra

Hundreds of Australian women have differences about a genius storage hack that a woman uses to organize bras.

The lady posted to the Kmart Facebook team and showed her bra photo on a hanger with a small hook for easy storage.

“I don’t know how your ladies store your bra, but this is the best hack since self-slicing bread,” she said.

Many people are impressed with her willingness to spend time hanging each bra and adding hooks to each hanger.

“It takes time and patience. A lady commented that I am proud of your little hacker.

“I hope my bra is small enough to hang! But if you have enough space and time to do this, it would be great,” said the other.

A woman said that although she never hangs a bra in her life, she likes this clever space-saving idea.

Although people were impressed with her tricks, many said they prefer to store them in a draw.

corset style bra

“I have a bra, I store it on my body or bathroom floor, sometimes with a towel rail,” says a woman.

I and everyone else know that my hand is pushed into the drawer. Others say that they don’t know that people might hang them up.

Some people are worried that storing in this way will stretch the tape.

One person said that for those with larger breasts, this can pull the bra.

“Unless you have a small chest and a cheap bra, the best way to store it is flat,” she said.

“You should also wash only by hand and then dry.”

Another person agrees with this comment that hanging them on hangers is a “good way to stretch shoulder straps.”

One person said that he intends to use this as his girlfriend’s weekend project.

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