The pleasure of not wearing Bra

One morning, in a valley in Peru, my friend Louisa asked me why I wore a corset style bra. We stood in the rented kitchen and made tea in boiling water. I have, in my T-shirt, with adjustable shoulder straps and two DDD cup rims bra professional. She was in an invisible gray sweater, lower body. “Because I have to do it,” I said with a smile, because she took it as a choice. “My chest is huge! She said, “me too.”” Then she lifted his shirt to me, she said to her breast, like two pale buoy hovering in there. I never noticed.

I started wearing bras when I was 1997. I was twelve. This is a training bra, really: a pink nylon strap that protects the slightly raised nipples on my clothes. Or maybe that was sitting on my bus in order to protect the girl on the seat, she said loudly, my bra may make me feel ashamed, because the last time I wet the bed from the vague outline on the nipple. Could anyone tell me? I didn’t wear bras seventeen months ago, on the trip to South America, although at the beginning I occasionally had some doubts and slips, translucent underthing walked out of the door. I’m not going now. The reason is that I try not to wear bras, and I prefer them. This is not a political decision, unless a woman does everything she does to her body, rather than letting others decide what she should do, which is a political decision.

corset style bra

The Internet tells me that in the past few years, some women have done the same thing. A YouTube video “why I didn’t wear a bra, bra for a whole school, on behalf of their motivation; many of them cited researchers in Besancon C, a French study, published in 2013, found abandoned bra can lead, in young women, increased collagen production and strengthen the breast tissue (i.e., more lift). I recently browsed dozens of articles about Kendall Jenna and Rihanna, whose bralessness was last summer’s news. These events seem to have prompted many pieces of “I’m going to wear bras for a week, and what’s going on here?”! Variety. What?. Nothing happened

No one would describe his rich diving with fashion. No one says, “you’re lucky, you don’t have to wear a corset style bra.” “it’s strange to me that I’m a little chested woman in my entire adult life. Those people stare at my chest, there are a lot of people will generally conclude that I was a hippie, or angry feminists, or both; I could not burn the bra, gently put them in the drawer. They don’t mind. In fact, it seems to give them some relief that has been reiterated that this is not the other way to give them, or anyone knows, because this is the angry Bohemia lady. Of course, some people express their dissatisfaction, and my desperate mother’s unique category, who thinks that he is living in my inappropriate seventh laps.

Bras became popular during the first World War in the United States, partly because of the ammunition that was used to make bras. It’s a product like other products, starting from a sense of need, and also trying to create a little or no demand. Like things around, women talk more and how we dress, a bra tends to be practical and personal comfort only until someone says she doesn’t find problems with useful or comfortable articles. And then it becomes ritual. The general idea is that if the bra doesn’t work, then at least it’s appropriate, and, in fact, there’s no decision here, especially if your breasts are big. The same idea also states that if you make decisions about your own people, even if there is no such decision, you are just trying to make a statement, perhaps trying to do something worse.

I always wanted to know the stigma of taking off bras. This is the problem of breasts swaying in women wearing bras. Is the nipple tip too sexy? Or, she’s not sexy enough, no support, her breasts are not round lips, withered, different sizes? I suspect she’s not the kind of sexy person, that is, she’s not sexy. She’s not fighting gravity. She seems to be a picky consumer. The right sexy part is to want to be a suitable sexy, and to buy something that makes it so.

One day, when I looked at the “Seinfeld” episode, Elaine met an old friend of high school, Sue Ellen Mischke, and said to himself, “Oh, well, this is a miracle without a corset style bra.”

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