Your iPhone is using machine learning to record all your bra photos.

If you’re still alive, there’s a smartphone in 2017, and there’s a good chance that you’ve taken or received some sexy photos on your phone. But you probably don’t realize that if someone in these photos wears a corset style bra, your iPhone might recognize them as photos with bras, and let them search in the photo app.

corset style bra

As we all know, iOS 11 contains some advanced mobile phone smart updates, including improving the ability of photo applications to identify and classify content in each photo. There are thousands of mobile phones that can recognize objects, from “abacus” to “calabash””. The strange thing is, although there is no category, said, “naked” or “underwear” are: bra bra, bra, bra, bra, bra and headband.
Searching for this folder in your photo application may give you an unexpected surprise, just like a tweet on Monday.
Members of the motherboard team can confirm similar results on their devices. I tested some of my underwear models on my mobile phone, and I’m sure the photo apps quickly identify and mark them.
Although there are some very old terms such as “prince,” dress “and” ballet “bra” category is unusual compared to other common tags in your photo applications, is a condition for E.

But artificial intelligence isn’t as good as it works. It will mislead a lot of photos, which is why if you search for corset style bra in your photo applications, this category may be filled with completely unrelated pictures. Our team found childhood photos and image vests submitted to their apps in the “bra” directory. It also uses machine learning to make identification on your phone, not through the cloud, so there is no huge privacy problem, which means it’s just a strange, potentially useful curiosity. I mean, at least now you know you can easily access your PG-13 photos.

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