Kylie’s style evolution: showgirls signed directory

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When Kelly arrives at the stage in Dublin tomorrow night, Annmarie O’Connor sneaked into the back of the iconic style of our favorite showgirl.

All the hail. Pop Princess Kylie Minogue (OBE) will perform at the 02 Arena in Dublin tomorrow. Australia’s Grammy-winning export product has 14 albums, 18 concert tours and 80 million record sales, winning many championships; in fact, she helped design it. From bubble gum to indie music to play sounds and styles, dancing with Gothic, the latest national character of this small powerhouse lets fans impatiently wait for the rumored “Discoly and Dolly Parton” experience. Whether Stetson and the cowboy boots will be a mix of cabaret and headwear, Aphrodite dresses or gold-silver trousers remain to be seen. In other words, Kelly’s ability to set the tone of the tailor is more or less perfect. Sweet, sexy, and very fashionable, it’s time to get to know the back of the iconic style of our favorite showgirl.

If there is one thing Kaili does not do anything (well, maybe Madonna), it is remodeling. In the late 1980s she began her musical career with producers Stock Aiken and Waterman, and her friendly image was largely attributed to her role as a fake kid mechanic Charlene in the Australian soap neighbours. With the launch of the international fan base, the success of radio-friendly tunes such as “I should be so lucky” and “must be sure”, with their own brand PG-13 clothing: scrunchies, high-waist mom jeans, ra-ra skirts and Suspicious perm. Then something changed.

Sexy Kelly appeared. Oh yeah. Her third album “Rhythm of Love” was released in 1990, and a new image (completely related to the late INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence) consolidated her new status as an emerging style icon.

The album’s main single, “Better the Devil You Know,” shows the Melbourne locals wearing a transparent Jean Paul Gaultier trench coat to escape the hidden danger – as people have done. The “Shock” and “What I Must Do” video oscillated between the Lolita-style bra and the scorpion and the camouflage of the Hollywood screen alert.

Although she played a more avant-garde identity in the singles in the mid-1990s, such as “Confide in Me”, “Did It Again” and a small brand in Nick Cave’s “Wild Rose”, but this crayfish back Going to her floor filled discotheque “Rotating Around” video and the American breakthrough “can’t let you get out of control”. Remember those golden hot pants and white jumpsuits? Of course, you do this.

Now, working with designer and creative director William Baker, due to Julien Macdonald, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce and Gabbana With designers such as Manolo Blahnik, Kelly’s tour became synonymous with incredible clothing. The most interesting thing is how this aesthetic alchemy affects her personal style choices on the red carpet and below.

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