Five trends, you need to know from New York Fashion Week

The jagged skirt began in spring / summer 2017 if New York show
The handkerchief skirt is not over yet. The staple food in 90s is Phillip Lim, 3.1, saw the Ibiza hippies and the cooler neighborhood there.
White Embroidered Cotton with striped stripes and long skirts in Navy stripes Matching tops and elegant spaghetti straps. Diana von Furstenberg, Jonathan Saunders embarked on a more charming route, bringing her 70s performance to a climax.
Floor grazing, handkerchief skirts, vibrant prints. It doesn’t seem to be enough for the skirt,The designers also wore a long sleeved shirt, asymmetrically looking at Carolina’s Herrera and Alexander.
Wang and Christian Siriano.

corset style bra
Installation preparation bag
The age of the IT pack may never end (GUCCI is one of the most popular brands).Millennials, after all, but the fanatical uniqueness of the instagrammable bag is definitely Ride very high. The example is wrapped in the Shayne Oliver debut at Helmut Lang, It’s weird and wonderful, definitely a hit with a corset style bra collection; yes Rolled up newspaper handbags, bra clutch (each cup is a zipper compartment) and Plexiglass briefcase. Elsewhere, wind creatures have clutches attached to them.
Exquisite lace detail wrist, while Philipp Plein diamond dotted with teddy bear Backpack Black Leather with S & M twist.
Purple rule
We call it “purple is the color of spring / summer 2018″”. Splendid dress in Rosie assoulin, Tibi, Zadig, Voltaire and Beckham in Vitoria, lilac, lavender, Respectively, purple and conch, while Anna Sui’s Hippie infused collection features every possible shade, from indigo berries. The prominence of royal color After announcing Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy, it seemed particularly timely.The Royal baby fever returned last week.
Sportswear out
When Rihanna calls the tide, people listen. Earlier this week, the designer sent the Fendi She wore the latest runway model, the high-heeled shoes in the casserole, slippers. The question suddenly came to mind: why do you need to look taller on flip flops? Why Do you need rubber for your heels? But do we judge Rotary International? She is not
Being alone in this movement became the club’s aesthetic. Alexander Wang, the undisputed father, sent Katia Jaber and others to fashion leather leggings, artificial diamond movement.
Bras and zippers with extra sleeves tied to the waist of the coat, in mice, there is
Cheerleading skirts, high heels and sports shirts are tops.
Bring up
Waist belt is the main molding tool of New York Fashion Week
Is tantamount to a pull together to see. 3.1 year old Phillip Lim, they are long, used corset style bra in jackets and skirts, in Diane, Von, Furstenberg, their tribal accessories.
That’s aesthetic, while in the organic glass and walk in Tibi skinny and corset style bra.

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