I tried to wear this underwear and even aroused my own interest.

Our second wedding anniversary, my husband wanted to give me some cotton do, because obviously is a habit, and landed on a good cotton pajamas, a beautiful Cotton Bathrobe and a local underwear store.

corset style bra

The bathrobe is great, but the pajamas, originally, flat on my chest in a realistic and uncomfortable way. He went back and measured the next size for me. When it did not solve the problem (it was not designed for a big chest woman), he suggested that I go to the store to pick something else.

So I did, when I walked past the frame looking for another wise commoner, I met a project, let me blush: a Sheer Lace tights, corset style bra and crotch, split of the front and rear frame only with elastic donkey but does not include it.

I marveled for a second and then turned over – I was not, in general, a flagrant sexy lingerie. I’ve never used sex toys. Commercialized pornography always seems to force me even cartoons.

But later, when I tried to sleep in the pajamas, a heap of no cotton tights appeared in my mind. I’d like to try it, I think. It’s just for kicking.

When I ran to catch it, the clerk looked at me knowingly violate, “I love tights. “I study the label: not cotton, but it’s in New York, by the heart of the super brand, it has about 1978. I tried to put on it, and I was sure that it didn’t look good on me. I often felt uncomfortable in my bathing suit, which is more slippery than ordinary clothes, because it is so transparent. But, slipped into it, I was shocked. I look like… Excellent。 I feel deeply unfamiliar with the feeling of my body. I feel sexy. I also feel that… It’s caused.

One minute, I hesitated. The price is higher than I usually spend on a piece of clothes, not to mention the corset style bra that I don’t wear or even can’t sleep.

It is also higher than the credit line of my store. On the other hand, it’s a gift! A anniversary gift. Don’t I want to spend more money on it as a gift to my husband? (I’ve got a Book of him, alas.) Can’t add something to your sex life?

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