4 the trend of underwear, you can actually wear in public places

corset style bra
In the next few weeks, we should (hopefully) leave the winter temperatures of the Arctic and firmly enter the brighter and brighter days of spring. Do you remember that you can wear four layers of clothes when you work in the morning? Yes, we do, too.

One of the fashions that we are most interested in is underwear, not just the kind of clothes that are worn on a date night. From the lace vest in the trenches and corsets with the big shirt, there are many new styles of try, outside the bedroom.

Continue to read the trend of our favorite underwear.

1. A corset style brassiere of inspiration

The 90s sports inspired corset style bra enjoys a huge comeback as a super comfortable underwear selection and verification of the short day. Inspired by street style stars, wearing a set of sportswear and a fashionable suit. In a semitransparent three layer if you don’t want to expose the navel. Even if no one can see, a pair of matching sling pants will be a satisfactory accompaniment.
corset style bra
2. Pastel

There is a sweet and soft tone that makes us feel a lot of happiness, so we are happy to see it as the 2018 most popular trend. The coolest way to wear it? Try a corset style bra corset style bra. This style that has light lilac, super beautiful and sexy manufacturing in addition to your spring wardrobe.

3. A tight corset style bra

The tight corset style bras have gone a long way in sixteenth Century. Now the fashion editor you wear is just like celebrities (design and Gianas fans), saying that this restricted underwear has liberated its safety from its underwear connotation. Take your tips from this girl to wear a semi tight corset style bra and a loose cotton shirt.

4. Kimono

The love of fashion and kimono begins last season, and it will be popular this season. A super elegant Pajama dressing, the Japanese style concealment makes a beautiful pair of jeans and easy to wear. The main experience is to keep your appearance looking simple and to allow the declaration of kimono to attract the center stage.

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