Reebok’s PureMove is the future bra

Is it the future? Reebok recently announced the upcoming launch of PureMove Bra, which you can say is the definition of the next generation of technology in sportswear. Imagine: this bra not only supports your breasts, but also adapts to the movements during exercise, shaping a unique shape, preventing unnecessary shaking and bounce without inhibiting contraction.

Through our extensive sports bra tests at Runner’s World, we have seen some of these key features: breathability, minimalist structure and natural shaping. But the most innovative feature of PureMove is that fabric technology can adapt to the shape of the wearer, the speed of the breast tissue and the power of the movement.

“Many brands provide support through heavy-duty construction and limited movement,” said David Steel, design director at Reebok’s Apparel Innovations. “By using STF (Shear Thickening Fluid), we have been able to create materials that move with you.”

STF is a gel-like solution that hardens and solidifies within a few milliseconds when it encounters force or becomes irritated; once the STF is triggered to move, the breast is supported. This motion sensing technology is designed to create a little feeling for the wearer. “The first insight we got from athletes and consumers was that they wanted to ‘distract their attention,’” Steel said.

PureMove entered a three-year development process. Laboratory researchers have studied breast biomechanics and have surpassed industry standards, with only two or four motion sensors tracking bounce and support in the chest area. Reebok and the University of Delaware have increased the number of motion sensors to 54; every detail and research has entered PureMove’s design.

We can’t wait to test PureMove and provide full comments as soon as possible. This sports bra is available in 10 sizes and will be available for sale on August 17 for $60.

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