The woman judges wearing a controlled underwear

A few weeks ago, a friend posted a corset on Facebook that was trapped on a bus. Shapewear, for people who are unfamiliar, is also known as “control” underwear, or the brand name, Spanx, which is designed to absorb the belly, hips and thighs, depending on which type of corset you slide over your body. They are modern versions of corsets, also known as underwear, that may try to kill you.

This is a clumsy, lost post, and many of us who are used to social media will share the details of our lives and find some comfort in unity. What point did she receive, a little. She also received comments from people who didn’t know why she was wearing a corset first. Others severely instructed her to get rid of the shame of her body and embrace her curves.

It sounds like little trifles in the life of the first world, but they also show the daily patriarchy that women are constantly walking through every day. Small and trivial? Maybe until you see how false beauty standards affect income, self-esteem and mental health.

Studies have shown that people who think attractive people can get more income. For women, this is almost entirely to modify, in other words, if you make up, spend time on your hair and clothes, so you look even more With traditional appeal, you are more likely to be employed, you may get more, and you are more likely to get a promotion.

As women age and their perception of attractiveness declines, this has a subsequent impact. Although age discrimination has an impact on both men and women, it is a problem for women and is undeniably related to their appearance.

Of course, women’s weight is always judged. Even subtle weight gains can affect employers’ perceptions of potential job seekers, especially women.

As with all issues that are harmful to women, it has a greater impact on women of color. In this case, European beauty standards have a greater impact on their life trajectory. Women with significant disabilities can also be severely affected by wrong beauty standards, and women can choose a more beautiful concept if they only work hard.

If you do this, this is a classic curse. If you don’t have this situation damn, no matter how you choose your curse, you will blame the woman. Not done enough? You let yourself go, really, will you get a little lipstick and repair your hair? Doing too much? Why can’t you be a proper feminist and love yourself like you? It’s easy to say that women shouldn’t worry about what they look like. They should be confident in what they do. Maybe it’s even true, but putting it in a public place like a TV is not that easy, and knowing that your social media feed will be full of your body, face, hair, skin before you take out the headphones. comment. And clothes. Even for women outside the public domain, comments on the appearance of strangers, partners, friends and colleagues are so constant that we almost forget to pay attention to it.

Women who recognize that false beauty standards are compromised and reject their demands are still struggling to get rid of the internalized self-hatred they impose. The strange thing is that other women’s reactions are a strange victim of blame. Why does she wear her own corset or botulinum toxin or high heels, waxing or tight clothing or a demanding and expensive makeup system? Why can’t she surpass the lessons she has imposed since her infancy and be strengthened in her daily interaction with the world? What’s up with her?

She has no problems. Everything is wrong, and the attitude of gender discrimination instills the belief that the value of women can be judged by her appearance and the impact of women’s self-esteem and economic security.

The writing about women and their behavior under patriarchy is very different from the way men write. Both suffer because of patriarchy, but women tend to turn their pains to the heart and punish themselves. Men are more likely to turn outwards and punish others.

Most feminist writings are analyzing some form of pain and its expression. An in-depth understanding of inner punishment makes it painful for other women. Despite this, women often blame other women for internalizing false beauty standards without blaming their own standards. This is understandable. Telling someone to change their behavior, or at least stop talking about it, is easier than changing an entire amorphous culture that connects beauty to acceptable women.

Change takes time, we don’t have to fight every day, we won’t even win all our battles, but small steps can help you. Perhaps it is a gentle reminder that we are fighting patriarchy, not other women, and may be one of these steps.

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In 1909, BANDOR POCKET GUIDE showed 100 days of life.

This is interesting… no matter how much time passes in any given location, the demand for citizen information will never really change. People always need to know the location of things, the time they open and close, and so on. And it wasn’t different 100 years ago, but no Internet can quickly check to make sure you can go where you need it.

I am looking at the digital public area of ​​the Bangor Public Library website, which was quickly attracted to the 1909 Bango Pocket Guide. As far as I know, this is a booklet that can be shared and can share a lot of relevant information, including all train schedules, to find your own dentist or family doctor.
It also has all the current fish and game laws in which hospitals and churches are located. Even the location and collection time of the mailbox! Basically, in this era, you can find it in two seconds on your smartphone screen with two fingers. Contrary to the time, when the phone number has only three digits!

If you want to download the guide and view it, see page 15, you will find and publish “Trance Medium”… In other words, someone tells you the future. I guess psychology is also a big problem. On page 27, there is an advertisement for Scott&Co, the only fresh coffee roaster from Bangor that brings you an amazing $18 to $0.35 per ounce! It sounds cheap, but keep in mind that the average hourly wage in 1909 was $0.22 per hour, for a total of $450 a year!

On page 22, I found that the long distance call from Bangor to Boston was $1.25 for three minutes!

Again, considering the salary level, the three-minute call to Boston is a half-day salary! But the guide also lists a lot of other necessary information… you can find cemeteries, public fountains, Wardwell houses, corsets…

Of course, maybe something on their “must have” list no longer exists on our list. I didn’t see women flocking to the city center to line up in the corset shop, but I still saw people drinking coffee, going to the theater, going out to eat, all these things have been today.

But you know what ancient proverbs are….. Sometimes, the more things change, the more they are the same.

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Lady Gaga chose the punk charm of the checkered corset and tough leather, she continued her stunning Paris fashion parade

women's long sleeve blouses

She is one of the most versatile fashion chameleons in the world of entertainment.

Lady Gaga changed her appearance again on Tuesday night, and she walked up the streets of Paris while wearing a punk rock-style dress with a checkered dress with a bodice and a tight leather jacket.

The 32-year-old Bad Romance maker appeared a few hours after posting controversial nude photos on social media, adding a touch of red lipstick and her white blonde to her punk rock style, wearing a trendy hairpin.

Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, she looked surprised on Tuesday – this is a follow-up to her PVC trench coat that she moved earlier today.

Once again permeating the confidence of the body, the blonde showed her cleavage through a deep sweetheart neckline, sitting above the sculpted cup on the amazing ensemble – it was also squeezed on her small waist.

Borrowing the punk era of the 1970s, she wore red and black plaid dresses with tough leather jackets and high-heeled boots.

The female singer is known for her style of fashion boots, with a striking heel and front wedge to enhance her famous small and compact frame.

Her ice-golden buckle is shaped like a bun at the back of her neck, and her back-style style reveals her flawless bone structure and beautiful appearance.

Of course, she combined the dramatic overall with the dramatic beauty scheme, coupled with a smooth red lipstick that highlights her well-proportioned grin, and she also chose a high-end fashion engraving eyebrow and a liquid eyeliner. pen.

Gaga has previously discussed her style intricately, because she revealed that she is always keen to put her strengths on any expectations of her.

She said in her documentary: “What I did was that when they wanted me to become sexy or wanted to make me a pop, I always made some ridiculous rotations on it and made me feel that I was still in control. ‘

In her wild style, she has previously revealed how she maintains her body and how she is “free and unrestrained.”

She said: ‘I am very free. Even if I am a child, I often streak with the babysitter and drive her crazy. I am doing yoga, I am doing more than Kram and I am running, I am eating very healthy. You know, my work is very helpful to me. I work hard and stay in shape. “

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Gender expression “masterpiece” is one of the most powerful practices in the history of “You think you can dance”

long sleeve tops womens

One of the most exciting and influential moments in the 15 seasons of “You want to dance”, the top six finalists, Darius Hickman, accepted the topic of gender expression on Monday’s plot. In contemporary practice, Judge Twitch said “beyond the competition” and described it as “literally a piece of art. In short, this is a masterpiece.”

“We saw some amazing routines on this show and amazing dancers, but this happens in all of our memories,” said show host Cat Deeley. Through tears, Judge Mary Murphy said: “It will always be engraved in my heart and in the memory.”

The controversial conceptual figure of Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice’s “It takes a lot of people to know”, will be Hickman and season 14 player Taylor Sieve Pairing, let the two dancers depict the civil war between the conflicting women. The masculine side of a homosexual (poisonous). Hickman started his daily work in a rolling skirt and a corset, staring provocatively at the camera lens in his heavy makeup. Then he fought against the angry and aggressive Sieve, who wore a T-shirt and jeans to wear a character and forced Hickman to squirm and wear similar clothes. But in the end, Hickman strode away and reapplied his pink lipstick, reaffirming his unique identity and self-acceptance.

This routine was carefully choreographed by Travis Wall, the second runner-up of the open gay SYTYCD season, and his inspiration was inspired by his own painful upcoming experience. “This piece made me go home because I was bullied when I tried to get out of the closet,” Wall said. “People can be very annoying, and society makes us a specific way.”

Hickman said: “I am involved in this work on many levels – being bullied and called a name.” “When you are not ‘normal’ in other people’s eyes, the normal things that society says to you. You have to give up these things, you have to feel comfortable with your skin.” He later told Dilly, “I never thought I had to open this way. I am very happy.”

“I am very proud of Travis’s production of this routine,” said Chief Judge Nigel Lesgo. “I am very proud, Darius, you, because I believe that you and Travis are very concerned about this routine in your life. … If you think how brave it is to be your own person now Unbelievable, and you should be brave to do this is evil. And I can only say that it is very important to judge a person not because he is, but who he is.”

Lythgoe even claimed that Hickman was his favorite season 15 dancer, which made it so shocking in later episodes that Hickman and the top six players Jay Jay Dixonbey were sent home – based on last week’s public vote. If the audience has the opportunity to vote for this wonderful work, Hickman may become the final episode of the season. But Judge Vanessa Hudgens was “legally shocked” in the show. He assured Hickman that he was still a real winner and told him, “No matter what happens in this show, I think you have a long career.”

Speaking of a long-term career (and winning), perhaps Emmy winner Wal-Mart for five years – has been choreographed for SYTYCD since 2007, won the Best Dance Emmy Award in 2015, and this year again because of his “change It’s all” and re-appears and “strange fruit” convention – will get another best choreographed Emmy in 2019, because of the bold and adventurous “it needs a lot of people to know a person.”

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Bra stains may be a health clue

In addition to breastfeeding and washing your bra with the wrong color or deodorant stains you have not noticed gray, brown spots, or white, yellow or green sticky, and maybe even the blood inside the bra cup, usually round, concentrated around the nipple Will the place be in contact with the fabric? If so, these strange marks should not be ignored. These are actually physical signs that may tell you important information about your health.

Gray or brown stains are said to be the most common type of stain inside the bra, usually due to the release of normal oil from small pipes in the nipple. The breast is filled with glands and lymphoid tissue, ending in the small opening of the nipple; small Montgomery nodule holes can be found around the areola, which can release an oil to moisturize the nipple and protect the nipple during breastfeeding; in addition to breastfeeding, areola and The nipple may still expel a small amount and may accumulate in the bra cup.

Excess toxins excreted in the body through the lymphatic system may be indicated by gray/brown plaques on the inside of the bra. Studies have shown that breast tissue is sensitive to environmental factors such as pollutants and chemicals, can be prevented by using natural products at home, and promotes detoxification through diet and supplements.

A clean or yellow liquid may accumulate in the nipple catheter and spontaneously expel every few days, which may be a sign of hormonal changes or small growth within the catheter; if found, it should be brought to the attention of the healthcare provider.

Some women between the ages of 30 and 40, especially those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, may have thick white or green liquids when they are touched or squeezed. Usually this fluid is normal, but it should be observed that if there are other abnormalities in the breast or nipple, it is recommended to seek advice from a health care professional.

Sometimes the flaky film on the nipple surface is normal and can form and wash away during showering, which may leave some film in the bra, which may be caused by oil and sweat.

Spontaneous discharge is not just a dark part of the inside of the bra. It may be a problem, but if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or recently weaned babies, if not from known infections or other existing conditions, this may not be the case, it is absolutely It is worthwhile to talk to the doctor about any excreta found in the bra cup or on the chest itself.

Especially if only one breast is discharged or has any blood. When the nipple naturally releases liquid, it is usually an unusual sign. Discuss with your doctor about non-cancerous pituitary tumors, hypothyroidism, or blockage of the breast duct. In rare cases, nipple discharge may be a sign of cancer.

During menstruation, the nipple may be painful due to water retention, wearing a sports bra and avoiding the use of steel wire during this period can make things more comfortable. Pain, itchy or inflamed nipples may be a reaction to detergents, fabrics or products; try natural products and breathable textiles. Women over the age of 45 sometimes develop corneal swelling when the duct is enlarged and blocked, and must be treated professionally before infection.

Breast tissue is sensitive, preferably washed only with water. Mild loofah or towel can be used for gentle exfoliation and massage to keep skin healthy and prevent bacteria from getting trapped. If you want to do a lot of powerful activities, such as running, be sure to use a fitted bra to protect them for support.

Bras can be very expensive, especially for those of us who are talented, if you want to make these bras as long as possible, they should be careful. It is best to wash hands in cold water with a mild detergent, do not wring them out or squeeze them between towels, and then dry them with the middle part between the cups. Even the favorite bra needs to be washed at least once every few times to prevent residue and stains from building up.

There are other more common reasons for bra dyeing: deodorants containing aluminum can cause discoloration when mixed with sweat. Mixing the colors together during washing also allows the colors to be mixed together. Ultraviolet light can also damage delicate fabrics. Hair can be dyed when rinsed. If you have kids or pets, they can even try to get your bra and use it as a toy.

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Kesha Ward’s custom wedding dress is worth more than $14,000

A star-studded wedding at the historic Versace mansion in Miami Beach requires a special dress.

On Saturday, Kesha Ward customized a Galia Lahav dress inspired by the designer’s “Ms.”. According to Lahav’s website, Elle “from her “Le Secret Royal” series of bridal style – “Queen Series”.

This dress pays tribute to the royal white peacock, with a flared silhouette and an embroidered applique that extends from the back of the skirt to form two “wings.”

Lahav updated the dress for Ward’s important days by adding a bodice and transforming it into a strapless style. “Ms. Elle” retails for about $14,400 – although Ward’s custom, which also includes a matching decorative shawl (representing a traditional veil) and a pearl beaded belt, will almost certainly raise the price.

For the star-studded rituals attended by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne, Ward wore her dress with shiny chandelier earrings and diamond headwear.

Galia Lahav also recently renewed the Beyoncé vows with Jay-Z in June.

The sixth page is the first report. 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward will marry in front of 75 guests at Villa Casa Casuarina, the late Gianni Versace once called home.

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Rebels in Corsets

In 1845, more than a century before Rosa Parks refused to give up his seat on a bus in Alabama, 24-year-old school teacher Elizabeth Jennings Graham boarded a New York City Tram. She forgot to check if the African American was allowed to ride. When she was asked to dismount, she refused because she ran very late for the church. She grabbed the window frame tightly before the police threw her away. Graham filed and won a lawsuit against the Third Avenue Railway and received $250 in damages. Her actions led to the eventual abolition of apartheid in the city’s railways.

Graham has been identified as one of the “rebellious women” of Victorian New York City – a new exhibition at the New York City Museum. The exhibition is small, concise, beautifully designed, with unique dark green walls on the walls, showing portraits of the 19th century And prints.

“Rebel” is usually associated with our pop culture: leather jackets, smoking smoking, James Dean in rebellion for no reason, David Bowie’s unforgettable lines, “rebel, rebellion, you tear your clothes,” or The bikini killed the punk in the early 90s, “rebellious girl.” This is not the type of character we associate with Victorian women in the bourgeois scene in New York.

From this exhibition, we learned about the smallest violations of rebellion and even from social norms – no need for fishnet stockings or any type of leather. Although many of the things that featured women do today are not considered “swinging,” women of that era can be considered rebellious simply by making statements in the public domain.

In the first half of the 19th century, due to Queen Victoria’s strict ethical principles, “real women” marked four core components: family, religious piety, sexual purity and obedience.

The exhibition first examined this “real female image”, a concept that many women are still trying to solve today. For example, many fashion expectations seem shocking. There is a display of broken ribs in the ribs, the gloves need to be put on the “stretcher”, the dress is so heavy that the wearer must lean forward to maintain balance (then called “Greek Bend”).

In an opposite example, a pair of bright red button shoes are displayed. Wearing these clothes during the day was originally a sign of the identity of the traitor, because women were quiet and would not attract attention.

Although at first, the fashion “real women” feeling seems too much for modern people, we still have been working hard to solve women’s clothing choices. Are we “allowed” to compete for physical attention, or does it mean that we are “sluts”; whether wearing “fashion” clothing means that we insist on some type of patriarchy, or does it mean that we can be in it? Find some kind of personal empowerment; whether some “non-feminine” clothing shows our rebellion against mainstream women’s ideas, or what we ultimately mean for clothing choices.

The most appealing aspect of this exhibition is that it makes the audience feel away from the way we think of crazy, outdated misogyny, and then quietly shows similarities to modern gender issues. Under two long routes, it feels like a corridor. The exhibition has experienced various “rebel women” whose names are scribbled in Victorian fonts. These women deal with birth control issues, control their bodies, and are taken seriously in the workplace and in politics.

Some women elected to represent insurgents are often read in history textbooks: heavyweights of social reformers, including Elizabeth Caddy Stanton and Susan B. Anthony – their attitude towards women’s suffrage is considered to be their era The most rebellious person. Of course, we also found Nellie Bly among the insurgents, who looked calm when reporting on the New York world.

But this exhibition is also crucial, including the lesser-known, non-white, lower-class insurgents who are often forgotten but equally important to the 19th-century female rebel movement.

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The Los Angeles-based Ecuadorian singer reinterprets the R&B Baby-Girl style

Los Angeles-based singer Kablito (aka Karen Freire) recently released her first EP Telenovela, whose fluent voice was influenced by the formation of her local R&B radio station in Minneapolis, the prince Home, Jimmy Jam, and New Jacksville – because this is her dramatic soap opera that grew up in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Her EP title is another reference for her dynamic growth. “I think telenovelas is my home,” she said. “There is this one, Rebelde, I have seen that there may be three or four times in my life. It is really cheesy, a bit bad, but it is it. I like it very much. I just want to write a love pop album, I I just felt these feelings from the TV drama and interpersonal experience I watched and put them together to tell a story. “The resulting collection of six songs is played in various ways around the home.

Cabrito said that when she moved from Ecuador to São Paulo when she was 14, she did not realize that her mother was pregnant and that they were relocating, so she could marry a man from Minnesota – a real-world TV series. “I thought we were going to travel to Disneyland, and then I knew the next thing, we live there,” she said.

There, Kablito grew up in typical Latin pop music like Shakira, but she explained that if she didn’t leave the Midwest, she wouldn’t sing in Spanish like Telenovela. “At the school in Minneapolis, I am the only person of color. I feel that it is really strange to express myself. I will sing in Spanish here and there, but I think singing in Spanish is all white. The crowd,” she said. It wasn’t until she moved to New York for a short time, and then when she moved to her current home in Los Angeles, she began to sing in her native language. “It feels natural now,” she said.

“I always wanted to be a Latin artist living in the United States… In my life, I have the same artist to look up.” Although she still admires artists like Shakira, Kablito admits that she feels that Latin music is expanding. – Now, a young artist like Catalan singer Rosalía (a Kablito’s favorite pushes the genre by blending flamenco with traps and other unconventional voices. “I think it is an excitement to be a Latin artist. “The moment of the heart,” Cabrito said. “It’s cool that a generation of artists are talking to me more and more now – I want to be one of those people.”

Kablito’s style was also influenced by the Queen of the R&B in the 1990s, and her voice was broadcast from her local Minneapolis radio. She brought a self-described boyish temperament to the R&B baby girl aesthetics of the 1890s, which was once condensed by Aaliyah and TLC.

One of the examples in the album’s outstanding “Mentiras” music video is Kablito’s white trousers in front of the hummer, shredded on her lap, black patent leather boots and white corset showing a pink pink lace bra. The sea bubble green gloves are finished. “As I get older, I feel more and more feminine, but every day I am embarrassed,” she said.

Kablito has always liked sports, loose items – she listed brands such as Y / Project as style references, even though their clothing is currently out of her price range. “Even when I was young, I didn’t want to wear sandals or dresses – I always wanted to wear loose clothes and sneakers,” she said. She will piece together the appearance of her own Y/Project in the thrift store and the rest of the army: she shines with second-hand pants on the stage and some shiny 3M tape, she even makes prayer candles for Mexico 3M scrunchies – replace the usual religious images with old telenovela scenes.

“The older I get, the more I want to find a feminine mixture, but I also want to wear whatever I want on my own skin,” she said. Kablito may still figure it out, but the process is by no means messy – she always seems to wear the things that make her feel most relaxed, and that’s where the charm lies.

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After trying this brand, I threw away all the other bras.

I still remember my mother told me that it was time to start wearing a bra. I am in the fifth grade, I didn’t brush my hair, I definitely have no interest in wearing a bra.

I told her that the bra is not for me, that’s it.

Unfortunately, for my 10-year-old self, my mother is not the kind of woman who accepts me.

Long story short: Brass finally won.

Their victory brought years of discomfort. Regardless of style or fit, the bra I tried was always too tight, too loose, too much material, or too little FAR material. After years of discomfort, I have to think that this is the way the world works. The sky is blue, the rent in New York City is too high, and the bra is the worst.

Michelle Cordeiro Grant, a former Victoria’s Secret employee, was frustrated with the lingerie industry and wanted to destroy it. She believes in creating a brand that focuses on empowering women rather than taking them away. Therefore, LIVELY was born.

Say goodbye to a pointed wire world and impossible size, and say your good comfort, support and practicality.

The LIVELY bra works with your body to give you the best fit, instead of forcing your body into places you don’t want. The bra is made of ultra-soft material so you don’t have to worry about digging or pulling. My favorite is All Day Mesh Trim Bralette ($35; Despite being a bralette, it still provides plenty of support and no harsh wires.

After switching to LIVELY, I never looked back. I finally cleaned up the house in my bra drawer and replaced it with the option I really like to wear. From Seamless Deep V Bralette ($35; to all-day wireless push-ups ($35;, Lively offers a style that anyone can appreciate for $35, and the price tag cannot be exceeded.

Made from LIVELY’s ultra-comfortable materials, these bras are very comfortable and you can sleep.

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Reebok’s first sports bra with Motion Sense technology coming soon

In three years, Reebok’s new product launch was a response to consumer feedback, highlighting the challenges women face in finding the perfect sports bra.

Statistics show that one in five women avoids exercise because they don’t have a proper bra. Reebok is developing a new and innovative product that provides support, comfort and confidence in women.

The result is the Reebok PureMove bra, featuring the brand’s new motion-sensing technology, a unique fabric technology that adjusts and responds to the shape of the body, the speed of the breast tissue, and the type and strength of the movement.

By stretching less during high impact motion, the fabric provides the wearer with the support they need while providing lighter support and a comfortable fit during low intensity activities.

“We can’t proudly launch a product that breaks down the long-term dissatisfaction of consumers and lacks real technological advances. Rebok’s vice president of performance apparel, Barbara Ebersberg, said: “Reebok innovation It has always been the DNA of Reebok, with a focus on transforming and improving one of the most important fitness outfits for women. ”

To test the new design and improve the performance of the bra, Reebok worked with the University of Delaware to measure the effects of various product samples on laboratory breast movements, using 54 motion sensors to track bounce and support, rather than industry standards. Two to four sensors.

Surprisingly, the bra consists of only seven pieces of fabric that are molded onto the body for a seamless second layer of skin fit, which means that the bra not only performs well, but also provides a high level of comfort.

“When you first hold it, the minimalist design of the bra may seem deceptive, but you shouldn’t be confused by lack of support or technology. Reebok’s senior creative fashion designer Danielle Witek says that every detail It is conscious and directly passed many years of testing and research.

This bra will come in a variety of sizes, from XS to XL / XXL, to help ensure a more personalized and personalized, especially for women who find themselves in the standard sports bra size.

The Reebok PureMove bra will be available exclusively at starting August 17th for $60. The bra will be released at major retailers around the world starting August 30th.

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