Katy Perry’s LED bra is a purely technical genius: that’s why.

Katy Perry performed on the tour of witness: tour on September, 19, 2017 in Montreal, canada.
Katy Perry was first and foremost a musician. Although this is an indisputable fact, if we do not point out, she is really dereliction of duty, really good artists. Any one after her performance, you will find a display of additional, completely free in all aspects, this is almost incredible if not for the fact that you see it unfold in real time (for example, remember her fly into the night sky a meteor over the Super Bowl halftime show?) Low key and subtle is not her real thing.
Of course, she has the same thing, if not more luxurious, that’s her tour since September last year (and it will last until August 2018). She came up with a top team in full is more important than the theme of life, including flamingos, dice, and lips; surprising movements, like an impromptu basketball game; interesting performances and cameos, which left the shark. But one month before the beginning of the tour, she had another idea: wearing a light bra, not only showing lovely moving graphics, but also lyrics when she performed.
This is the worker vision of the three miracle engineers walking into the picture: Dave Sheinkopf, James DeVito, Dylan Fashbaugh, Perry. Three years ago, after creating Taylor Swift’s LED costume for the 1989 world tour, the three people got together and found fluent technology. To this end, their second major project is superstar Johnny Wujek, a senior designer of three Perry.

“Katy personally has this idea of corset style bra, LED screen can illuminate and send video,” Sheinkopf said. “It’s a very short schedule, but there’s never a point where we don’t think it’s impossible.”

Of course, there are some challenges, as expected, of the nature of technology intensive tasks. The main purpose, sheinkopf explained, is to set up a “stand on a moving body to hone, on the road, every night, in order to make the user friendly and reliable 100%, and ensure that it is working in bags every audience of 50000 other wireless devices in a room”.

“The key to having a reliable connection,” Fashbaugh said, “is to create a direct tunnel for scanning radio frequencies from transmitter to receiver Katy.”

From there, the next major obstacle is to find a powerful battery powered by a wearable technology that can compete with a crazy bright screen as background.


“Bra is 2, really poppy songs, such as” hot and cold “and” California Gurls, “she stood in a 80 foot wide front, extremely bright video wall, so it is a challenge to the [LED] bra stand out, just because the power behind her.” Sheinkopf said. “And the battery must be small enough to be comfortable enough for her to wear.”. James and Dylan spent two weeks studying the battery before they found a bright, reliable, rechargeable, environmentally friendly, safe battery.

Finally, the last obstacle is time. In essence, this bra is basically a video tool that can reflect the role that she plays. This means that the smooth technical team must work with the silent partners of the Montreal based video production company to coordinate content. “But when we started testing, the video played a slightly different speed, for example, during the hot cold war,” she said, “hot” and “cold” appeared on her body beat, “sheinkopf narrative.”. “So James and I had to grade eighth mathematics notebook on our dust off, do some algebra, let the silent partner print time code, we sat there with a stopwatch to manually calculate the time.” Devito explained that the reason is that all microcontrollers have slight time variations.

Okay, so once they realize this seemingly impossible task (at least for us, it is non Engineers) to create a wireless media player / server operating bra (engineering feat), complete graphics, bra will be featured on the compromise must be made (whether bra should have higher brightness and higher the resolution of the brightness of this visual effect; like peppermint swirls and lips, deliberately choose the maximum effect, even at low resolution), and the actual construction of the corset style bra.

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