A Danish lingerie store opened 200 stores around the world to learn the secrets of Victoria.

Danish McDonald’s corset style bra is opening 200 stores secretly in Victoria around the world, according to business insider Nordic 10, 1391 p.m. 2017 points.

corset style bra
2014, a series of underwear designed by pop star Britney Spears.
Scandinavia Denmark underwear chain changes have been in northern europe. Now is the investment of 200 million Danish kroner (about 31,5 meters) in a large-scale international expansion, the Danish daily B RSEN.
The change says it wants to open 200 stores around the world and double its turnover in the next five years.Opened the first store in Copenhagen since 2001, Scandinavia change has become a leading player in northern Europe using low-cost franchising model – McDonald’s underwear, you can say.
“We have become the leaders of the Danish market, Finland and Norway. These markets have been fully established, and we have shown that our ideas are effective, at least for our new IT system. “Now, we’re ready to launch it,” said Claus Walther Jensen, acting as the CEO of Scandinavia’s change, change, parent company.
In Canada, it has opened 15 branches, which means that it will work closely with the secret of Vitoria, an industry leader.
Today, the transformation operates about 240 companies and franchised stores in nine countries and delivers goods to other stores in four other markets. The brand was founded by Danish couple Claus Walther Jensen and target GEIL in 1995.
Changes are known to provide a wide range of corset style bra size (A), as well as other underwear, swimwear, pajamas, casual wear and accessories.

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