Testing Nike iron / NOM Flyknit sports bra

After a summer run and a bike ride, we left, impressed, for the 36ds small this option.
About six years ago, Nike launched Flyknit special yarn magic to make sports shoes comfortable and fit as knitted t-shirts. In July this year, the company launched a sport bra with the same technology. After a season of tests, I was impressed.

corset style bra
Nike Flyknit iron NOM ($80) looks like your basic good pullover. It has almost no seams to reduce friction and tight underwear (basically a thicker fabric), providing support and definition between the lower and the chest. Uniboobs, get out of here. An open weave at the center of the back helps the corset style bra breathe better.
This summer, when I first tested it, I was immediately touched by the fabric: it was very silky. This bra, like second layers of skin, is absolutely soft, more fit than most sports bras, and even the most upscale bra. I’m wearing it now running and mountain biking, and find it in two perfect support. It’s not a machine / mill bra, it allows enough space and movement to allow me to breathe deeply while controlling rebound.
But I’m a C cup. Nike’s boldest claim about iron / NOM is XL, comfortable support 36d, I was initially skeptical. In the past few years, I have to coordinate sports bra, the runners of the world, and I’ve never heard of a D cup instrument support pullover tank. The pullover Racerback style is often too elastic full support for greater breast, because it needs to be flexible enough to overcome the wearer’s head.
That is to say, Nike has adopted a new architectural method. The Flyknit machine creates a variety of shapes and properties that will be of amazing precision. If an athlete needs to support here, ventilate, stretch in other places, Nike can seamlessly engineer performance into different parts of the bra.
I want to know that this technology can solve the problem of support, so I gave a XL iron / NOM to a friend who wears 36d. She loves it. “Without metal wires or bulky seams, this bra is comfortable, and from the moment you put it on,” she told me. She ran to do Crossfit training in iron / organic matter, and found that it was only supported for bulky things that she used to do.
I should have noticed that when I had a friend (size 36dd) tested on XL, she found it too happy and comfortable to run. So Nike is right: this bra goes to a 36d cup for women. But I also like to look at the design of some women, even larger breasts, with a lot of sizes up to 36d options, and a lot less.
Other complaints: we find that straps can touch our bodies too long. This is another design defect with racerbacks wearers that can’t adjust the distance to the chest shoulder. But the future version of the Nike Flyknit bra will provide the size of the individual belt and cup, and should be adapted to a wider range of institutional types.
And finally, the bra was drying so slowly that I was amazed. Although I didn’t notice its sweat when I wore it, it made my skin sweat very well. After running, my corset style bra stays wet for one or two hours. That means it’s not a great “little pub” bra, but it’s brilliant exercise ended in the locker room.

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