Rita Ora sizzles in a vibrant bodice and quirky beret as she takes amazing Instagram shots during a busy weekend show

She performed a jam-filled weekend at the Bulgarian and Ascot Racecourse.

Rita Ora offers her fans a choice of stage costumes and shows off her hot Ascot look on Instagram on Sunday.

The singer wore a sheer corset and an electric blue beret with the words “Justice.”

Rita emphasized her incredible hourglass shape on her black corset and bit her at the waist.

The translucent design allowed her to see Rita’s torso, while she showed her legs in chic blue shorts.

She is paired with a bright beret set in a platinum gold lock.

Shiny pink lipstick and shiny hoop earrings are the finishing touch.

She also showed off her impressive tattoo collection, her ink flashing as she raised her arms to get a sultry posture.

Later, because of her dull weather in Ascot, the star wore a blue jacket on her bodice and added the corresponding boots.

After performing at Ascot Rita on Saturday, she took a direct flight to the MTV Presents Varna Beach Music Festival in Bulgaria on Sunday.

Between her performances, the busy star had time to pay tribute to her good friend Cara Devain on Sunday, because the model marked her 26th birthday.

In a vibrant Instagram photo, the producers of Hot Right Now smashed their chests in a photo taken with Glamour magazine in 2014, showing a bold performance.

The female singer only wore a tape and a black bottom because she took a shocked face to take a picture.

In order to maintain a close relationship with the birthday girl, she added a title to the short film: “Happy birthday, my crazy pineapple shared a lot of interesting memories with me.”

In the course of their long-term friendship, the eccentric people enjoyed many noisy nights and supported each other on work projects.

However, it was reported that after Cara and Rita fell on the DKNY fashion party, things got worse in 2013.

In mending their friendship, a source told Grazia in 2016: “They are rebuilding their friendship. Glastonbury is a very important part of it. It has been a long time, but they are friends again.

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