People who don’t wear bras think bad things from school administrators to high school students

It is unusual for high school students to be called breaking dresses, but some feel that administrators are too far away when female students wear what.
Remy Altuna, who attended the Beaumont high school in southern California, began tweeting when she allegedly was reprimanded for her clothes after expressing her anger.
“Black holes are so disjointed. Now they want to wear, you don’t wear corset style bra. “Does my underwear have (SiC) business,” she wrote?.
A photograph posted under review by Altoona: a pair of black tights and loose jeans. She told YAHOO that she had been walking all day, and that no one had said her dress was inappropriate or that she had violated the dress code. But when she went to the school office to get a piece of paper to sign, an assistant principal pulled her aside and told her to put on her jacket.

“She said my shirt was low cut, and then she asked me if I had a bra,” Altuna told YAHOO. She continued, “because I didn’t wear a bra, she didn’t want people to have a bad impression on me, or speak inappropriately, or something bad.”.
And the company’s dress didn’t specifically mention wearing bras, which said, “the tops must be covered with underwear and all parts should not be cut or leaked.”.” Altuna says if she wears a bra, she will always break the rules because it will show.
The school issued a statement saying the implementation of the dress code is an imperfect process, the NBC4 report.
Altuna believes that the school is using what women’s clothing, especially strict, seems to become a model, and pointed out that the boy did not get the so-called girl.
“This year it’s like they’re bleeding really, looking for something,” Altuna said.
Her caused some controversy over the matter. Many people think her clothes don’t break dress codes, so she should be able to dress as she wants. Others, however, believe that schools have the right to maintain the standards they choose. As a student, she has to comply with these standards, whether she agrees or not.

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