Camila Cabello shows her legs in a sexy leather corset while dancing with Sao Paulo’s Brazilian star Anitta

corset style bra

Her fame is one-fifth of the five and girl groups.

Despite the successful individual action, Camila Cabello knows that having an extra performer on the stage can be very helpful when it comes to entertaining people.

On Sunday night, the singer staged in Sao Paulo and invited Brazilian singer Anita to sing a real friend with her.

The 21-year-old Camilla is wearing a black leather Basque, showing her perfect long legs and dancing with the 25-year-old Anita.

Although Camilla is eye-catching at home, she says she is a shy and retired child.

The murderer of Havana – her family moved from Cuba to Miami when she was five years old – thought she could create a new confident character when she used her second name, Camilla, as her stage nickname.

At the age of 15, she showed her title before the X Factor USA audition. She explained: “They asked me if I wanted a stage name. I said Camilla because I hate my name. I hate Kara.

“Like this rebirth. I have to create myself again. I am Camilla, and then suddenly, I don’t have to be this shy girl in the classroom… I always hear someone become a singer and music. The story of the family, they did their home for a family or a clown in the class or always sang in class, people saw it coming for them.

“I don’t think anyone thinks this will make me happy.”

However, her shame is still affected by her now, even though she has millions of admired fans and astronomical digital sales and streaming numbers.

Camilla said: ‘I noticed that I was really nervous before the awards ceremony. Whenever I accepted the reward, it was like the first thing I thought of, ‘F ***, now I have to… .. I have to speak in front of all these people, “Because that is not my comfort zone, do you know?”

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