Meet the expired post-operating bra


A new company led by breast cancer survivor Efrat Roman has developed a breast dressing that provides advanced solutions for all postoperative requirements for all breast surgery.

Efrat Roman was diagnosed with breast cancer more than a decade ago and had five different surgeries due to complications. It seems that experiencing multiple breast surgeries is not challenging enough. Romans is surprised to find that there is a serious lack of postoperative breast dressing options.

Roman told MD + DI, “I realized that there is nothing specified for postoperative breast dressings.” “There are reusable bras that are postoperative bras, but the fact that they are reusable is not enough because many breasts Cancer patients are affected by some asymmetry, and reusable bras have no solution for those types of patients. More contrast, you have to wear the same bra over and over, even if you have replaced it The mat, it seems unsanitary, a bit disgusting and very humiliating.”

Roman began talking to other breast surgery patients, including those undergoing cosmetic surgery and other patients like breast cancer survivors, and it is clear that she is not the only patient who suffers from limited postoperative dressing options.

Of course, there are some things that can be discarded on the market, designed as an integrated bra and dressing solution, and Roman remembers the idea at the time. “When I realized that it wasn’t, it was when EZbra was born,” she said.

Roman is now the CEO of EZbra Advanced Wound Care in Tel Aviv, Israel, which has developed a disposable sterile postoperative breast dressing that addresses the common challenges after breast surgery. Dressings are designed to address patient discomfort, save time in the operating room, and help reduce the risk of infection during recovery. The company made its debut at the Aston Baker Frontier Cosmetic Surgery Symposium in New York late last week.

EZbra is designed for any type of breast surgery, including beauty, biopsy, lumpectomy, mastectomy and reconstruction.

Rome said: “Our goal is to provide quality postoperative options while providing patients with the independence, dignity and self-esteem they deserve during their recovery.”

Earlier this month, EZbra successfully raised $3 million in funding as part of the company’s Series A financing, which will be used for commercialization in the United States.

After surgery, most patients have a lot of pain and can’t lift their arms. Ron said that in the product development process, the importance of the company is that patients can change independently.

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Beautiful pink! Bebe Rexha overflows from all angles of the corset


Bebe Rexha is sure to be criticized in her latest smokin hot social media coverage.

On Monday, the gorgeous 29-year-old woman seemed to be very confident.

This is not surprising, as she has just stepped onto the stage and sang her own voice in the much-anticipated Victorian secret fashion show.

Sliding her amazing curves into a striking pink corset, she showed off every inch of her clumsy loot, and Bebe could at least smolder.

The star wore a pair of thigh-high matching boots that made her look more sexy, while her little clothes ridiculed her plump cleavage.

Once a gorgeous queen, she swayed some incredibly dramatic glittering eyeshadows, and her allergic blonde lock was designed to be a smooth Bob.

She added a title for the seductive song: “Can’t believe that Victoria’s secret fashion show is airing tonight! Don’t miss my performance at 10pm on the ABC network.”

Unsurprisingly, the star was quickly overwhelmed by her comments of up to 6.7 million Instagram fans, and it took only a few seconds to upload an image.

cheap halloween costumes

One user exclaimed: “You are the queen!”

Another person said: “Damn Bebe, you look hot, very hot, very hot!”

When the third admirer tried his luck, ask the star: “My dinner and movie? If you want, you can wear this, I don’t mind…”

Another romantic follower added: “Babe, to be honest, I am the woman in your dreams, you are awesome.”

While Bebe proved to be a highlight of Victoria’s secret fashion show, lingerie brands found themselves controversial in the comments of Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek last month.

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Our view: Rowan sports bra collapse provides courses for institutions


The University of Ron has an exciting week. Not the kind that it likes.

Some sports officials have explained that female athletes are prohibited from practicing sports bras, so small mistakes have gradually become a verbal policy of global contempt.

University officials quickly developed a policy that explicitly allowed exercise in sports bras, but the wave of criticism is already rolling. The media then reported numerous online reviews, and even within a few days, even silent publications such as Teen Vogue and Outside Magazine were emerging. Runner’s World claims, “It’s 2018. Stop telling women what to wear.” A few weeks later, half of the first page of online search for Rowan University news was still about the sports bra ban and reversal.

The response to this chaotic, out-of-date policy – even if it really only dominates the minds of some members of the sports sector – and the rapid correction of the university is exciting. The social immune response shows that this level of ignorance of gender equality is highly unlikely to be occupied in any civilized place.

Even this small, limited plot does not need to happen, and other institutions can learn from Rowan’s mistakes to avoid this unfortunate mistake. It is stumped by institutional rigidity, semantics and lack of communication.

The ancient verbal policy of no athletes can practice shirtless beyond the development of sportswear. The sports bra is a workout suit that has been the hottest choice for women for many years. They are not like bras, not bikini tops, and they are not so revealed.

However, Ron’s sports director apparently told the new employee that he must wear a shirt on the sports top and add this huge red flag: because the sports bra “distracts the football player.” When a member of the women’s cross-country team is online It quickly became a competitor when it was released.

If sports directors and football coaches are more committed to “providing the most adaptable and fairest environment for all athletes,” as President Rowan Ali Hosmand puts it, they may have noticed that sports bras are just like this. Up.

If the communication between Rowan officials is more open and effective, they may get some help. If the off-road coach asks the government about a suspicious verbal policy, rather than just communicating it to her players, then the crash may have been avoided. But asking for a new staff member and robbing the sports department everywhere at this time of education is a lot of things.

The entire series seems a bit odd.

Nearly twenty years ago, Brandi Chastain pulled off her shirt, squatted on her sports bra, celebrated her penalty and won the Women’s Football World Cup. A few people were shocked and complained, but when this iconic image appeared on the cover of several magazines, the United States seemed to show a sensible attitude towards this sportswear.

However, as usual, progress is slow and occasionally unbalanced. The Ron case will help the sports department around the country catch up.

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Why do women not buy Victoria’s secret to sell?

The latest “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Festival Special Show” aired on ABC Radio on Sunday, and it will fantasize as usual.

Stunning models with incredible gorgeous shapes will walk in the couture high heels on the New York fashion show, not more. The parade of crystal inlaid bras, panties and the wings of those iconic angels will be gleaming, fabulously super sexy.

But behind the scenes, the flash began to fade.

Forty-one years after Roy Raymond opened his first Victoria’s Secret lingerie store, the company’s stock price fell 41%. The TV show is about to let the audience linger. The CEO resigned.

As a women-friendly lingerie brand, such as ThirdLove and Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty, which appeal to women to be comfortable and physically sensitive, those Victoria’s secret wings have been severely cut.

I think, when I say “this is about time,” I represent more than just Victoria’s survivors.

If there is something worse than shopping, it is a secret shopping in Victoria. Although fantasy whispers, “Sexy! Fun! Empowerment!, “Real scream,” itchy! Shrink! Not suitable for people over 4 years old!”

However, in any case, we stuffed ourselves into husky lace and rough steel rings. Because we want to look sexy. We want to feel our ability. We want to make our bodies look like we think.

Yes, we have been drinking sweet pink Kool-Aid. But this is not just about advertising that attracts our ads. Its history.

Just like our previous mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, we bought fashion hype and we paid the price.

“Since the 19th century, when women’s underwear consisted of corsets, shackles and heavy petticoats, the content of women wearing under the clothes received a lot of attention,” said Nikki Menn, a collection assistant at the California Women’s Freedom Museum. The station, an exhibition on women’s hats and handbags.

“Even so, this is a very important industry. Women are always required to wear a variety of devices to achieve the desired contours.”

Of course, the problem is that the desired contour of the time period rarely reflects the reality of the female form. Therefore, it is used to push things, take things and reshape women to suit clothes.

In the 19th century, this meant that the corset tightened the waist, but also compressed – sometimes crushed – internal organs. In those days, a woman can die for fashion.

In the era of the baffle, the stylish boyish silhouette means that the bodice lets you squash from the sternum. In the 1930s and 1940s, it was the waist and stockings that restricted circulation.

And the bullet bra of the 1950s? Anything that makes your breasts look like Cold War weapons will not be comfortable.

“Men and women have social expectations,” said Menn. “A lot of women are told that beauty is painful, and you should live with it because you want to see the way everyone thinks it should be.”

However, if there is consistency in our DNA and it may be a masochistic, then the same is true of rebellion.

In the 1960s, we tore off those hell bras and then we burned them. The hoodless appearance continued until the 1970s. The waist also went to the side of the road. In the 2000s, many women did not wear pantyhose.

This brings us now, as well as the steel ring uprising.

When Victoria’s secret was first opened, many women thought buying a hot pink bra and matching panties was a fun little indulgence for themselves. But after a while, we realized that the bra was uncomfortable, the underwear was a bit cheap, and the image of glamazon was not us. Or anyone we know

So even if we don’t exercise, we wear a sports bra. Or we order our bras online from ThirdLove. These models come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there are plenty of options without rims. No one will think that your breasts are always pushed into your eye.

“Our mother and our grandmother have been pinched into uncomfortable underwear for the rest of my life. I think women are just tired now,” Menn said. “This is about what you want and what makes you feel good.”

Victoria’s secret remains the largest lingerie brand in the United States, but as more forward-looking companies meet the needs of consumers, glamazon is no longer our boss lady.

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