Why do women not buy Victoria’s secret to sell?

The latest “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Festival Special Show” aired on ABC Radio on Sunday, and it will fantasize as usual.

Stunning models with incredible gorgeous shapes will walk in the couture high heels on the New York fashion show, not more. The parade of crystal inlaid bras, panties and the wings of those iconic angels will be gleaming, fabulously super sexy.

But behind the scenes, the flash began to fade.

Forty-one years after Roy Raymond opened his first Victoria’s Secret lingerie store, the company’s stock price fell 41%. The TV show is about to let the audience linger. The CEO resigned.

As a women-friendly lingerie brand, such as ThirdLove and Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty, which appeal to women to be comfortable and physically sensitive, those Victoria’s secret wings have been severely cut.

I think, when I say “this is about time,” I represent more than just Victoria’s survivors.

If there is something worse than shopping, it is a secret shopping in Victoria. Although fantasy whispers, “Sexy! Fun! Empowerment!, “Real scream,” itchy! Shrink! Not suitable for people over 4 years old!”

However, in any case, we stuffed ourselves into husky lace and rough steel rings. Because we want to look sexy. We want to feel our ability. We want to make our bodies look like we think.

Yes, we have been drinking sweet pink Kool-Aid. But this is not just about advertising that attracts our ads. Its history.

Just like our previous mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, we bought fashion hype and we paid the price.

“Since the 19th century, when women’s underwear consisted of corsets, shackles and heavy petticoats, the content of women wearing under the clothes received a lot of attention,” said Nikki Menn, a collection assistant at the California Women’s Freedom Museum. The station, an exhibition on women’s hats and handbags.

“Even so, this is a very important industry. Women are always required to wear a variety of devices to achieve the desired contours.”

Of course, the problem is that the desired contour of the time period rarely reflects the reality of the female form. Therefore, it is used to push things, take things and reshape women to suit clothes.

In the 19th century, this meant that the corset tightened the waist, but also compressed – sometimes crushed – internal organs. In those days, a woman can die for fashion.

In the era of the baffle, the stylish boyish silhouette means that the bodice lets you squash from the sternum. In the 1930s and 1940s, it was the waist and stockings that restricted circulation.

And the bullet bra of the 1950s? Anything that makes your breasts look like Cold War weapons will not be comfortable.

“Men and women have social expectations,” said Menn. “A lot of women are told that beauty is painful, and you should live with it because you want to see the way everyone thinks it should be.”

However, if there is consistency in our DNA and it may be a masochistic, then the same is true of rebellion.

In the 1960s, we tore off those hell bras and then we burned them. The hoodless appearance continued until the 1970s. The waist also went to the side of the road. In the 2000s, many women did not wear pantyhose.

This brings us now, as well as the steel ring uprising.

When Victoria’s secret was first opened, many women thought buying a hot pink bra and matching panties was a fun little indulgence for themselves. But after a while, we realized that the bra was uncomfortable, the underwear was a bit cheap, and the image of glamazon was not us. Or anyone we know

So even if we don’t exercise, we wear a sports bra. Or we order our bras online from ThirdLove. These models come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there are plenty of options without rims. No one will think that your breasts are always pushed into your eye.

“Our mother and our grandmother have been pinched into uncomfortable underwear for the rest of my life. I think women are just tired now,” Menn said. “This is about what you want and what makes you feel good.”

Victoria’s secret remains the largest lingerie brand in the United States, but as more forward-looking companies meet the needs of consumers, glamazon is no longer our boss lady.

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