How Shapewear Supports the Body

If we look back over the last several years, shapewear has made a huge impact on the world of fashion. It began as a simple one-piece slimming garment, but it has now evolved into something more fascinating. Shapewear comes in a variety of styles, forms, colors, patterns, and materials. Some individuals may be familiar with the term “shapewear,” but they are unfamiliar with its use. Shapewear has been an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe in recent years.

Shapewear underwear can help you lose a few inches and get a more desirable and appealing shape. Our shapewear may assist smooth issue areas including love handles, belly pooches, muffin tops, and more with different levels of compression. Under your clothes, they give an instant slimming, strong control. Your silhouette does not change when you remove your shapewear.

Women’s body shaper has a usual elasticity, thus it offers compression and back support. This elongates and strengthens your physique.

Improves posture

Because it positions you to stand with your back straighter and firmer, a good shapewear corset provides strong back support and improves posture. This improves your walking and sitting posture dramatically.

The straps are adjustable for comfort. It also has an overlap gusset for when you need to pee.

Supports the muscles

Shapewear’s elasticity offers compression and helps you to stand with a straighter and stronger back. The support also helps to relieve discomfort, especially in the lumbar and lower back areas.

The open breast shape gives superb lift and complete under-boob support. Compression panel with two layers on the stomach for the targeted belly and waist control. Also, use the cut mark design to modify the length to your liking.

Postpartum support

Because it provides abdominal compression, a body shaper may help new mums gradually get back into shape. For moms healing from a cesarean section or diastasis recti, full body compression garment can give extra compression. Muscles may be painful, weaker, or overworked after giving birth. Shapewear can make you feel more supported all day long.

This garment is ideal for liposuction, sleeve surgery, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift, mommy makeover, and more. It helps you keep a good posture and provides support to your back, creating a true hourglass figure instantly. Can be used as an everyday shaper or as a postpartum girdle after pregnancy.

Prevents wardrobe malfunctions

Shapewear can help you avoid wardrobe disasters. Shapewear is vital when wearing dresses with high slits or low-rise jeans since it helps to prevent wardrobe mishaps. There is shapewear perfect for any outfit.

Wear this stomach-tucking, bust-lifting, low-neck thong bodysuit with your sexy formalwear. Perfect for going onto the red carpet, bouncing around old towns, and supporting a stunning formal attire.

Choose shapewear that complements your day’s attire. Seamless shapewear is ideal since it complements any attire. Shapewear should help and improve your figure in the most understated way possible. Seamless shapewear eliminates apparent panty lines beneath your dress, leaving your outfit completely smooth and sculpted.

If possible, hand wash your shapewear. This will help keep it in good shape. Always wash with cold water if you’re using a washing machine. The material shrinks back into its original shape when exposed to cold water. To keep your shapewear’s regular form, elasticity, and compression, avoid using dryers.

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Best Product of the Shapewear Crowd at FeelinGirl

We all know and understand that everyone has their preference. Like this shapewear, people have their favorite shapewear to wear every day. Probably, shapewear that they are comfortable with and produce excellent results for them. But we need to venture out and explore for other shapewear that can match our style and fashion. Feel the need to get out of your comfort zone! Here are some of the favorite shapewear out there that you may also want to have on your wardrobe.

High Waist Shaper Shorts

women waist trainer shorts

You will surely love the shaping and slimming effect of these high waist shaping shorts! The compression on your abdomen and waist will help lose some inches on your belly, giving you a confident and sexier look. Its open bust design provides an instant lift and support on your bust for a more daring and alluring look.

Plus Size Slimming Body

plus size slimming bodysuit

Boost your self-esteem and confidence as you see and experience how this Plus Size Slimming Body Shapewear hides and tone down your belly and tummy fats. You may quickly wear and take off this shapewear using its removable and adjustable shoulder straps. It has a comfortable and breathable fabric for you to last wearing this slimming waist trainer for women all day long.

High Waist Shaping Shorts

tummy control underwear

A sexier and slimmer figure is what this High Waist Shaping Shorts is all about. Imagine all the dramas you have whenever you see your unwanted fats and love handles. The shaping shorts will take away all those unwanted fats and love handles together with a balanced diet and exercise!

Waist Trainer with Zipper And Straps


Making yourself beautiful, sexy, and attractive is what every girl dream. This dream is challenging to achieve if you have unwanted fats and love handles. This Waist Trainer will help you do the job! It compresses your tummy and stomach, which helps in perspiration. You’ll surely sweat a lot in this waist trainer that helps in losing inches on the waist.

 Neoprene Waist Trainer

This Neoprene Waist Trainer is said to help you sweat a lot and lose your body weight fluids while exercising, leading you to an hourglass body shape figure. The neoprene is known for its thermal effect, which helps in sweat, so you will undoubtedly shape up your body with this waist trainer in no time.

You’re able to see and understand how this shapewear works now, do you?! It will undoubtedly help you know what this waist trainer can bring new to your table! You will surely get one as your new favorite waist trainer and shapewear now at FeelingGirl black Friday shopping galore.

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Different Types of Shaper for Women

Shapewear is the best body-flattering tool that can help you feel and look better if you are looking forward to cutting down your extra body fat. No matter what type of body shape you want to have, this shapewear is available in different sizes to offer you the flexibility to choose according to your needs and preference. In addition, if you want to attain a great look for any special occasion at a short notice then you can also wear such shaper beneath your skin fit dresses without any problem. To buy the best one, you can check loverbeauty’s official site.

Butt Enhancing Shaper Booty Lift Panties Tummy Control Shapewear
Butt Enhancing Shaper Booty Lift Panties Tummy Control Shapewear

Types of body shaper

Waist cincher

It is one of the strongest shapewear available in the market and gives the best result to its wearer. It is because such type of shaper is usually made with tick and flexible fabric that does not tend to leave its flexibility over a long period of time. It typically covers enough middle area so you don’t have to buy any other slimming tool if you are having this one in your wardrobe. Moreover, you can also wear such type shaper beneath your cloth without any problem.

Loverbeauty Sculpting Black Belt Waist Cincher Zipper Sticker
Loverbeauty Sculpting Black Belt Waist Cincher Zipper Sticker

All in one body shaper

This all in one shaper is the best one for full-figured women, it usually covers enter body part from shoulder to thighs and focus on pressing extra fat against the body. One can also wear this type of shaper during their workout sessions and if you are a housewife then you are not going to face any problem while carrying out all your household activities. To buy this slimming shapewear you can visit

Loverbeauty Deep V Neck Backless Shapewear Seamless Slimming Body
Loverbeauty Deep V Neck Backless Shapewear Seamless Slimming Body

Panty bodysuit

If you are fed up with extra fat on your hip due to which you are unable to wear your favorite dress, then this type of shapewear is greatly going to help you. It can help you by lifting and pressing a fat deposit on your hip against the body. In addition, it can also enhance your waistline if you want to attain a great look for any special occasion.

Loverbeauty Instant-Slimmer Butt Lifter High Waist Shaper Panty
Loverbeauty Instant-Slimmer Butt Lifter High Waist Shaper Panty

Shaping shorts

These slimming shapewear shorts is beautifully designed to support your bottom from hips to thighs. This is usually made with flexible fabric and breathable fabric so you are not going to face any problem while wearing beneath your skin fit jeans or leggings. Moreover, daily panties can also be replaced with such type of shaper.

Loverbeauty Waist Control | Plus Size Butt Lifting Panty
Loverbeauty Waist Control | Plus Size Butt Lifting Panty

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