Kiwi dominatrix’s erotic yoga class


Dominatrix combines traditional yoga practice with a love of BDSM – and claims dozens of health benefits.

New Zealand-born hostess Anna incorporates monsters like spanking, whipping, clips, masks and bondage in her adult-only yoga classes.

The 39-year-old child lives in Sydney, Australia, and started a cheeky class four years ago when a family actress suggested that she combine her expertise in yoga with her BDSM practice – and believe she is the Southern Hemisphere An eccentric approach to an inventor.

The fitness instructor claims that her course is a fun, innovative way of exercising that allows her clients to explore their illusions in a safe, non-judging space.

She claims that health benefits include increased flexibility and muscle strength, stronger core strength and posture, helping to relax and a calmer mind.

Anna said: “I can see a group of narrow-minded people who want to find the right people. They may feel that regular yoga or fitness classes are a bit boring, but if they can practice in their deformed avatars, they will have more power.

“In fact, I am sure that yoga can help them better maintain and enjoy their BDSM because they all need to be present and involved in a meditation country.

“Korean Yoga can improve people’s self-confidence and their relationship with their partners, so that they can accept their identity while maintaining health.

“Of course, any type of fitness and relaxation will help to make a better sexy time at home.”

Anna is also a beauty therapist who has worked in the adult industry for over 10 years and has a stable BDSM customer base.

Once she had the idea of ​​teaching variant yoga in 2013, she practiced one or two “test models” and thought it seemed feasible.

A few weeks later, she announced her erotic yoga class to the selected BDSM client, and did not expect how many people would appear – but dozens of people did it.

Anna said: “I already have all the equipment, so the customer is only asked to bring towels, water bottles and anything they wear for their fetishes.

“Everyone seems to have a good time, so I know I have something to do.”

Anna first held a course in a comfortable home, but soon found more public ways to accept her unique requirements.

Customers wear their sportswear and then put on well-dressed clothing, latex clothing, or even a buff.

Anna herself said that she likes to wear soft bodice and yoga hot pants – while carrying her reliable horse-riding crop.

She said: “Every customer’s entanglement is personal and personal, so when we encourage customers to open in the classroom, we do not want to impose any passers-by.

“For me, the leadership meeting is part of everyone.

“They must listen to my words and must follow my instructions.

“When people dress up, they are their other self, other characters or avatars.

“They enter a meditation area to help them concentrate and invest in their subspace.”

Anna said her clients range from students to entrepreneurs, engineers, writers and professionals aged 35 to 65.

In the future, she hopes to expand into a deteriorating fitness center, not just foam yoga, but also meditation and BDSM fitness classes.

She said: “The movie 50 Shades of Grey will definitely help bring more acceptance to BDSM.

“This is not a cup of tea for everyone, but every cup of tea of ​​his own.

“I know that I love my customers, I am empowering and helping them become more people, not being judged.”

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