How to support the chest in a sports bra and a 20 pound elastic gym

corset style bra

Finding the right support and fit can be tried, especially for large women, who may find it particularly difficult to find comfort and reduce exercise.

However, there is a unique product claimed to be the answer – Booband.

This is a band for your chest may be the answer when it comes to keeping the ladies in mid-training.

It has a strong elastic band, with a Velcro, designed to prevent your chest from rebounding excessively during exercise, thus preventing a variety of terrible things from happening – including sagging and damage to connective tissue.

Although this concept sounds strange, the Booband website claims to work by preventing “excessive movement” and “adding more compressive force to the top of the breast.”

The page also said: “Remember to stay as healthy as possible to prevent sagging because this is irreparable.”

The instructions accompanying the band show how it is worn and include simple diagrams to show the ideal positioning.

It was great to try and to test decide to pair the band with a slightly supported corset style bra so that I can really see the effect of the band itself.

At the beginning of the HIIT course, I think the band does provide coverage and support that many sports bras do not have, and the band is particularly effective in jogging and running.

Although it is suitable for running around, any weapon that is “excessive” or involves reaching the top of the head is uncomfortable.

As my arm moved, the Velcro’s tightening began to become anxious, and for towering movements such as jumping, burpees, and jumping jacks, the band made me feel a little uncomfortable and it tended to slip a bit.

I think that when paired with heavy-duty sports bras, the combination of chest straps and bras does provide ultimate support – you have the best of both worlds, compressing more than your breasts.

I also think that for runners, the band is a wonderful solution because it’s a very effective exercise.

For me, when it comes to HIIT-type training and movements involving more extensive movement, it will disappoint itself.

So if you want to find something extra in the gym or you are an avid jogger, the band is definitely worth a try.

Numerous brands offer corset style bra, including active brands such as Nike, Adidas and Sports Direct. There are also specialized retailers offering more tailored equipment, and will not forget the stars from Beyonce to Kate Hudson showing their range.

But other clothing stores also provide a must-have gym, from Marks and Spencer, ASOS and H&M.
You can even pick up a sports bra at Primark. The market is full of low, medium and high-intensity bras for all types of exercise.

And you don’t need to look shabby. Use a series of strap details, colors, and prints to help you look great when you’re exercising.

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